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    Is this a Brown Snake?

    Well, you got one up on me, that's a species I haven't seen yet, although I looked for them down at the Okefenokee Swamp in south Georgia. So yeah, I'm jealous!
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    Paul, that's awesome!! The only question I have is what are the laws pertaining to native species in New Jersey? Are you allowed to capture a wild salamander and keep it? I know in Georgia we can get in big trouble for that. Barring the legalities, that is a phenomenal find. Honestly...
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    Is this a Brown Snake?

    It's definitely not a brown snake (Storeria dekayi). That actually looks like a pine woods snake (Rhadinaea flavilata). Do you have a lot of pines around your neighborhood? Very little is known about these snakes habits in the wild, and we're not even sure how common this species is or how it...
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    A few pics from the zoo.

    The first and second picture are of male Mandarin Ducks. Nice photos!
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    HSUS under fire!

    Oh, this makes me shudder in glee. Finally, let's see how they feel being the target of some national lobbying.
  6. snowgyre me name this thing :)

    Here are some domain name suggestions: You do other stuff too, don't you? Didn't you make some sort of cage accessory a while back? I can't remember.
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    Pit Bull Agression

    Yeah, the leash isn't good, not that she couldn't control her animal. The point is that she had her animal under control when another out-of-control dog got too close. She didn't do anything wrong here, we're simply giving her information about how to improve her future dog walking endeavors...
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    Pit Bull Agression

    Oh, I didn't mean to say that pit bulls required a harsh hand, I was simply saying that gentle training (and sometimes psychological tricks, muehehe) was required. If the dog is getting too focused on one thing it's best to attempt to distract them. My dog is a 100lb rottie mix, so I know all...
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    Pit Bull Agression

    I was going to say the same stuff as Rebecca (excellent work there btw, Rebecca, that's really awesome information you've got). I think those flexi-leads are the worst invention ever. They teach your dog that they essentially have control over their walk and encourages bad behavior. With a...
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    Another inexpensive option is to host pictures of your animals on free sites, such as Flickyr. You can even post comments. It's not a genuine website per se, but it performs the most important function for free (ie. advertising your animals) and the photos are easy to link inside forums.
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    Obama wins Nobel Prize

    It's not that all of us are anti-Obama. I want him to succeed as much as anyone else. I just think it's inappropriate for such a prestigious prize to go to someone for work-in-progress. He's already got so much on his plate. Adding an additional responsibility such as living up to the...
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    PETA to hold nude demonstration in Fort Lauderdale

    Ummm... did you know that methane, CO2, and water vapor are the three biggest greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming? Oxygen certainly doesn't...other than it coverts to C02 when things burn.
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    PETA to hold nude demonstration in Fort Lauderdale

    Um, yes? So? When's the last time these PETA members shed a tear for the birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals that are displaced due to inefficient organic farming that requires a tremendous land area to produce the same amount of food as genetically engineered crops? Never. I do far...
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    yet another smuggler...

    Actually, many New Zealand geckos (notable the Naultinus genus) give birth to live young. That's one of the reasons they're so appealing. In skinks, live birth is actually fairly common (think blue-tongued skinks). Regardless of the ethics of importing animals in general, smuggling should...
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    yet another smuggler...

    I have a tremendous amount of respect for New Zealand customs officials. They know their sh*t when it comes to conservation issues. I was extremely impressed with the wonderful environmental ethic that virtually permeates that entire country. These smugglers give us all a bad name. >_<