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    Can anyone help me to look at this?

    Well in the pics your missing the important bits. If it was a male you would probably know it. Judging by its size if it was a male you would clearly see hemipenal bulges.
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    Fantastic Tremper Sunglow Loves to pose

    female 19 grams.75.00 + shipping. Getting Brighter Contact for shipping quote.Click For More Healthy Geckos
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    Odd stripe Interesting one changing lots

    50.00 + shipping email for shipping quote or more information
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    Gorgeous female jungle bell albino

    65.00 + shipping (generally runs 50.00 to most places please email for shipping quote or more questions More resent shots natural light excuse her squinting she doesn't like the light.
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    safe plants for crested gecko cages

    That species should be fine to use. You can also use any number of different philodendron species. As well as wondering Jew and snake plants. I have used all of these in my naturalistic setups for years with no issues.
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    Female Bold Mask

    This girl is not directly related to the Halloween mask project as I have never purchased any Halloween mask animals. Though somewhere down the road they probably share the same lineage. It has been a side project of mine for a few years. Our animals tend to have a cleaner body and definitely...
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    Clean Patternless Raptor Aptor Pair

    We have for sale 2 of the cleanest healthiest raptor animals out there. If you want to produce clean animals that are actually patternless and don't speckle up this is the pair for you. the male was produced by Oregon Gecko09 and the female by us in 09. They are unrelated. and the female is a...
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    Couple a Jigs

    Our first snake clutch EVER! Couldn't be more addicted. and something quite clean too.
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    Patternless/Red striped leopards Geckos

    And More. Site recently updated. Please check us out, package deals available. High quality healthy geckos. Possible trades for AFTs, Goni's, Rhacs, Pythons or Boas. Regards, Zach Spyker
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    Healthy Geckos Update

    6 New Geckos Added
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    Healthy Geckos Update

    Long overdo update to our Available Page. More Geckos to be posted.
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    Leucistic Varanus kingorum eggs on the ground.

    Congrats Gregg , boy didn't take them long at all to get settled in and give you eggs . good luck with em hope they hatch out.
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    Patternless stripe / RAPTOR Stuff

    These were hatched here in late 2010. feeding on mixed variety of feeder roaches but will take anything offered. These are all females. Any questions please inquiring, I have hatch dates, weights, parentage. $50.00 each plus actually shipping ($35-55) through Ship Your Reptiles. See our site for...
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    Happy Birthday Kelli!

    Happy Birthday Kelli . Hope you had a good one.
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    thinking about getting a crestie.

    if it is a ten or twenty gallon tank you can use them either way. I prefer to use them up right on their sides so that it creates more vertical "arboreal" space. you just have to modify the tank slightly if you use it up right by putting a damb or substrate barrier on the inside of the frame of...