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    New car and it's broke

    definately sounds like a warranty issue you should be allright.
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    Mommy Brag!

    Damnn I used to compete in the 4x400, good times, good luck to her! Just remember, save that energy and reaaaaly push on the last 100!
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    goldfish + betta ... is it a bad idea

    Could have been that or just your tank was big enough they hadenough space they wouldn't get overly aggressive all the time.
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    1st snake!!

    Nice one I love milk snakes, do you know what subspecies it was? Honduran, sinaloan, nelsons..?
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    goldfish + betta ... is it a bad idea

    Not at all I wouldn't jump on you for it, by all means yes they are very aggressive to other male bettas because of the big fins, which is why its best to keep along the lines of tetras and clownfish etc, that don't have big fins, its the fins that set the male bettas off, but in all means I've...
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    Wiyahka * Stunning Gravid Aquaflame

    I love collard lizards! Shes gorgeous
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    new to feeding cresties

    I use the mushroom ledge for my larger crestie, she uses it all the time and you have a water bowl right next to it, for my small crestie i just use a bottlecap on the floor and she finds it allright.
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    What Morph

    couldn't say about the first but the second looks like a flame/harly. the first could be a dalmation but i can't see much on the picture to confirm it, maybe somone else can have a look and take a guess, nice cresties btw!
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    CGD vs. Baby Food

    I forgot about insects Ted nice one, fair point though, i feed mine a couple of locuts once a week and they get on nicely.
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    CGD vs. Baby Food

    Babyfood is one of the worst staples you can feed, the repashy superfoods 2 part diet works a treat. My geckos are growing perfectly normal, the guy has more then likely overfed his geckos with the babyfood and are overly fat.
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    ah it's the "what are you listening to" thread

    AWSOMEEEEE SONGGG!!!!!!! in that sorta theme, five finger death punch - way of the fist.
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    New Monitor Species

    i posted a link to this earlier, great news i love monitors!
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    New species of monitor lizard discovered!

    Varanus Bitatawa.. saw this on the bbc news website, thought you all might like a look. Aparantly the locals say it tastes good.
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    Name this animal!!!!

    I'm going with baby sloth.
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    Sexing juvie crestie

    at 8 months they are not sexually mature yet, so i wouldn't hold out for a acurate prediction yet, im guessing at around 8 months your looking at still about 9-10 grams, give it till about a year and a half, thats when they usually become sexually mature, but lie danielle said, you may get an...