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    Took the plunge-got a crestie!

    So I got my 13 year old son a crested gecko for Christmas. We keep and breed leopard geckos and Northern Bluetongued Skinks. My son has wanted a crestie for awhile so took the plunge. He is so comical and such a ham!!
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    Leopard Geckos For Sale- FREE SHIPPING!

    Check out my For Sale Album. Right now I am offering Free Shipping on any Leopard Gecko in the Available Album. Cold weather will be coming soon to Central NY, so I won't be able to ship much longer!
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    Labor Day Sale!! $100 Shipped!

    Yes, that is any Leopard Gecko in my available album for sale- $100 including shipping, now through Labor Day only! Must pay in full no payment plans. Shipping only to lower 48.
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    FOR SALE Mack Snow Eclipse, TSM

    Mack Snow Eclipse, TSM, born 7/7/14. beautiful snake eyes! Currently 10g, will be available at 15g. $95 + shipping ($40)
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    FOR SALE Eclipse TSM

    Animal is SOLD
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    FOR SALE Mack Snow Eclipse,TSM

    I have a very classic looking Mack Snow Eclipse for sale, bred here this season! TSM, born 5/30/14 currently 18g. $95 + shipping ($40) Very sweet personality, beautiful markings. Currently eating meal worms & crickets.
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    FOR SALE Eclipse TSM

    Eclipse, ph Tremper, born 5/30/14, tsm. Currently 13g, will be available at 15g. $100 + Shipping ($40)
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    My very 1st ever-really happy I caught it hatching!
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    New Facebook page

    Started up a facebook page to share pics and info. on my geckos- just something fun to use as a journal in my progress of breeding and caring for my geckos. Please like the page if you want. Thanks, Stacey
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    Ordering from Rept by M_ck?? All input/reviews/suggestions welcome. :)

    I would do some research on facebook and here for good quality breeders. There are plenty that have reasonable prices, that can tell you exactly what they are breeding and therefore what you are getting. I am also a first year breeder. I do think 200-300 shipped is a little unrealistic for 3...
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    My newest baby

    He is looking so good, so glad you are happy with him!