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    Rampant Reptiles

    It was our pleasure doing business with Michelle. Sadly, some of our experiences with some of the "top" breeders have been less than impressive. Michelle on the other hand, is very friendly, responsive and willing to go the extra mile. Breeding quality animals is only one piece to having a...
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    Raptors, SHTCTB, Mack Eclipses, etc.

    Pricing and availability updates on our Facebook page. These will be ready for the 2014 breeding season. Priced to sell! Thanks!
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    Updated availability, pricing, sexes

    Some of the last 2013 animals we'll be letting go, and at reduced prices. Thanks!
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    Help with shipping to Hamm shows

    Thanks Lisa!
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    Help with shipping to Hamm shows

    We've had some recent requests to ship animals internationally, specifically to Hamm. After scouring the web, we're coming up empty handed and it seems most breeders now have the capability to ship to these shows. Can anyone lend some advice on the logistics involved or where I might get some...
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    Wanted bees and/or black holes

    As stated, we're looking for Eclipse Enigmas and Mack Snow Eclipse Enigmas. Please email [email protected] or txt 859-512-5151. Thanks!
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    tiedxupxinxknots---Carlos Valadez

    So, as of last week we finally received the gecko we purchased from Carlos. He was gracious enough to throw in a gecko for free, as well as cut me a good deal on another. Carlos seems to be a good kid...I think this is more the case of being a young adult, having a busy schedule and just...
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    tiedxupxinxknots---Carlos Valadez

    Just saw this response today. Let me tell you all something...we still do not have the gecko we paid for. I have received every excuse under the sun from this kid, been promised a free gecko, you name it. I have had people inquire whether they should do business with him and based on our...
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    Female Black Hole/Female BEE

    Title says it all. Please PM with any available. Thanks! Chris
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    Beautifully Colored Tangerines/Blood Hypos

    We've posted more to our website and to facebook. Check 'em out and Like us for updates!
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    Beautifully Colored Tangerines/Blood Hypos

    We have some beautiful SHTCTB with deep yellows and oranges for sale. We have more than I'm able to attach here. See more at or Pic 1: 055 Tangerine, Female DOB: 3/7/12 $100 + Shipping Pic 2: 056 Tangerine, TSM DOB: 3/7/12...
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    Suburban Tangerines - Get 'em while they're hot!

    Still have some beautiful geckos for sale. Great deals on multiples!
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    tiedxupxinxknots---Carlos Valadez

    Sorry for the "delay". Between work and issues with my rental property, yesterday was a bit busy. This has all gone on long enough and the back and forth is pointless. Emails were sent, text messages and PM's were sent, phone calls were made..and I have all the data to prove it, so let's move...
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    tiedxupxinxknots---Carlos Valadez

    Hey there, While 160.00 will not break my bank by any means, there is a principle to be followed here. I used to be a Network Admin for one of the largest lawfirms in the Midwest, so fortunately I can get practically any legal work done, pro bono. Just a kid or not...he needs to learn a...