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    Custom Made Rack System

    16 tub (16qt) custom made lidless rack system with tubs, 3in flexwatt belly heat, and thermostat. Held leopard geckos built in the beginning of summer selling all my leopard geckos so i need this rack gone. Local 50 mile radius of Tampa Bay please no shipping. $200
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    Reptile Rack

    last update...150.00 for all
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    anyone have an idea on this snake?

    i seen a photo of a juvenile rat snake that looked identical almost so i have to say its probably a juvie gray rat snake though any juvie photos i have found they are slighter darker but i think this is what it and based upon size i dont think it was very old max it was 12 inches long
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    i hope you feel better soon. thats crazy that you owe taxes.
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    anyone have an idea on this snake?
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    anyone have an idea on this snake?

    no its a URL to my photos on my facebook, honest, unless it dont come up like that when clicked.
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    Reptile Rack

    200.00 for all I need this gone
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    anyone have an idea on this snake?

    I found this in Zephyrhills, FL which is central florida. im pretty sure its a rat or corn snake but i dont know what kind. im seeing corns n rats that look like it.!/photo.php?fbid=1974482683484&set=a.1934870013192.2113065.1285574297&theater
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    Reptile Rack

    New Price....250.00 w/o thermostat....Need to sell this fast so I can get my gecko/guest room in better shape.
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    Reptile Rack

    I have a 32 tub(15qt) reptile rack available. it is a metal shelf rack with 3in flexwatt for heat. It has 8 shelves that hold 4 tubs each. It is not a lidless rack. Very good shape and was built last year but I have downsized my geckos and no longer need this rack. Comes with all tubs(used but...
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    Critters and College

    thats nice. do you have any family near you that can take them in? you dont have that many that it would be really all that hard in my opinion. if i had a friend that needed me to take in a few lizards i would, the cat well in my case i dont think would be smart thing with my dogs but the...
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    Matt Baronek - A & M Gecko

    damn, im sorry. i hope things get resolved. people these days i dont understand it cuz it seems like alot of shady business is going on everywhere, my father in law keeps getting screwed on ebay and we have been screwed too on there and seen alot of false advertising on CL. I wish you luck.
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    Leopard Gecko Collection

    Well i have decided to keep about 30 of them...I will get updated photos&weights of those still available. They are mostly females though.
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    Leopard Gecko Collection

    I have about 50-60 leopard geckos I need to sale, they are all in good health and some are proven breeders. i can send photos and prices to those interested, I have tangerine(hypos&super hypos), Tremper Albinos and Normal like ones, also 2 enigmas. This is really hard for me to do but i can't...
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    Leopard Geckos

    Bump. one is sold i will delete the photo off of photobucket in a bit and add a photo of the adult female. Take these all for 140.00 Shipped this is the lowest I can go for these, the hypos alone are worth that. Great geckos I need them room and money. Otherwise i would not be selling them.