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    The water debate

    I just use tap water. I have been using it for 4 years with absolutely no problems.
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    Solar Eclipse May 20

    Thanks! It was annular but from my location in SoCal it was partial.
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    Solar Eclipse May 20

    There was a Solar Eclipse on May 20, and I got some pictures with my telescope and Solar Filter. Also, here's a time-lapse video I also got. Thanks!
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    showing of my corn

    Very nice Corn! Those eyes are very cool...
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    Feed Me!!

    Haha nice!
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    Safe and Happy New Years.

    Happy New Year!:balloon::balloon3::balloon2:
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    My Dogs

    Very very cute!
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas! :xmas:
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    A little disappointed...

    I appreciate that you are asking questions, but you should really get used to Leopard geckos before you jump in to breeding. Most people wait at least a year or two before breeding, I personally waited three. Learning care techniques, genetics, and more about these animals comes from experience...
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    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    How can GF be improved?

    Agreed, and for those not-so-active experienced members, they won't get as much points as others, misleading their knowledge.
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    Not perfect BUT

    This thread is entertaining to say the least... I think I can guess who it is too... :)
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    Adding shipping

    Is it through PayPal?
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    Weebly Pro.

    You have to edit the html and css in a certain way, I looked on youtube.
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    I am also very happy with them! I got an amazing Blizzard. Definitely recommend! -Joey Maurer