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    Considering getting a Beardie

    Gecko VS Beardie. Very hard for me to make a decision. Why not both lol. By the way, the first step maybe my preferences goes to gecko more, let's see what happen next, I still research and learn some facts.
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    monkey wants a banana

    Too bad that snake is one of my top scary animal, I really do not know how to overcome a fear while seeing a snake, a trauma and phobia kicks in.
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    Newbie check in

    Hi, thank you for the basic info. I definitely want to dig more knowledge and give me some time to read all the related forum thread. Due to my busy day job, gecko kind of suit to my lifestyle.
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    Everyone hate mondays

    I left my day job, so I can say that everyday is the same, if you are self employed everyday is a monday lol
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    My kitten's friend

    My niece cat name is pammy, I am cat person. Would be nice if you can attach some picture of your cats
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    Newbie check in

    Hello everyone. Newbie here. To be honest, I have zero knowledge about Gecko and I purposely sign up this forum just want to learn this little tiny reptile. So expect a dumb question from me, and I think I need to mingle around forum thread first and gain a few basic knowledge. Thank you.