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    comments withdrawn
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    testing homemade photography setup

    Ho... Pick yourself up a WhiBal gray card. The photos look great, but if that background is suppose to be white then I think a good gray card would help you in getting that. I absolutely love mine for my softbox setup and should have gotten one years ago when they first came out.
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    comments withdrawn EDIT....... Shoot, maybe I'm even part of the problem that Maia is hinting at....
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    Pure Darwin locality carpets....

    sometimes I wonder how the albino carpets made it out of Oz....
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    morph me.. corns

    1. some type of anerythristic, could be Anery A, B, or C, don't have much experience with anery's outside of just knowing what they look like in general. You might check out Don Soderberg's site to see if he has hatchling pics of the 3 strains of anery to compare to. 2. Ghost 3. Snow
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    red/yellow Ackies?'s

    some have successfully raised and bred ackies without any form of UV lighting. Personally, I've always used UV lighting on my diurnal species and I've even used it on some nocturnal species that I have natural setup. I would recommend using the UV light. My current ackie cage, as well as my...
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    red/yellow Ackies?'s

    supervised introductions, though I'd personally keep the 2 separate. But I'm a purist in that way. Keep in mind most yellows will top out at 14-22 inches total length, with reds hitting around 24-30 inches. I believe the record animal was a wild red at 32 or 34 inches total length. The size...
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    red/yellow Ackies?'s

    The largest difference is that they are subspecies of Varanus acanthurus. Reds or Northwestern Ridge-tailed monitors are Varanus acanthurus acanthurus. Yellows or Common Ridge-tailed monitors are Varanus acanthurus brachyurus. Outside that, there is the stance of home range. Western to...
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    TWINS * collared babys

    I haven't hatched collareds in about 3 years. They're such cute little things once they start running about like little T-rex's. Love the parents of these hatchlings and hoping you keep some back so we can see what they progress into.
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    Wide Angle Lenses

    I like the nikon 20mm f/2.8 wait you said canon...:main_thumbsdown: :p
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    More of everyone's favorite game: "What did this animal eat?"

    I see what looks like a pawn, directly below the upper left piece that's isolated.
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    where can i find grande terre's?

    they can be quite nice... first pic is Greg Christenson of at the former New Mexico Reptile Expo over a decade ago. Greg and Leann specialize in day geckos, but also take great pride in their tame tokays. 2nd pic is "Toodles" and "Goliath". Toodles was my first tokay and...
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    Substrate elitism

    She did have something to say...she called and said I could have all your pretty hatchling patternless and bold stripes, just pay shipping. :main_laugh: P.S. I like her better
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    A Forum Game

    hint: seamus got the turtle correct. The snake, as a species (NOT subspecies, which is required) is somewhat common back east. So what would make the 2 species where they are uncommon special.
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    Substrate elitism

    I am, just the contiual threads on the matter chipped away at me finally. As I told seamus and aliza, I knew I'd get answers along the lines of what they, you, and fuzzy have replied with. And MOGL...she's just being senile. (Love ya Marica!) :D As for curiosity.... here ya go The...