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    What morph do you HATE?

    I don't hate geckos, but I do very strongly dislike how breeders confuse (and to a large extent, misadvertise) new owners/breeders with morph names such as "red stripe."
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    Documentaries of leos in the wild??

    Ha, tenderly! When my male goes at it, he tears her apart & bites her all over. I'm surprised there isn't blood! You make it seem so gentle! I could do the same voiceover as that British chap but describe it as a more horrifying scene of rape rather than copulation. Ha. I should do that.
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    What sized tubs are the equivalent to 10gal tanks in terms of floorspace? Because I have a 34 qt tub and it seems barely as large as a 10gal, which is the smallest space an adult should be given...
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    hamburg pa reptile expo

    JMG is usually at the PA hamburg shows. Nevin Moyer from Moyer's Monsters occasionally makes some appearances, and I believe even our moderator Gregg made an appearance at their last show. All three of these breeders produce excellent animals and are well worth the time to browse. LLLreptile...