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    Baby/Small Dubia Roaches For Sale!

    100 Baby/Small Dubia Roaches for sale, only $12 shipped!
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    What feeders work best?

    Well I have been breeding roaches for about 5yrs now never a problem with my bearded dragons and I just got myself a pair of leopard geckos at the last retle show in Pomoma and they love the baby dubia roaches. But I have never heard of anyone getting into any trouble elling or buying roaches...
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    Dubia Roaches! You Need Them, We Got Them!

    We have them, you need them let me know. Let me know how many and what you can afford. Also have wax worms and meal worms and crickets as well. If you need water crytsals we have them! If you need roach chow, we got it! However I can help please let me know!:main_thumbsup:
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    1,000 Baby/Small Dubia Roaches For Sale

    1,000 Baby/Small Dubia Roaches For Sale - $55 Shipped. Other sizes and quantitys available. Will work you if you have a budget not a problem. Any questions drop us a line at: [email protected] Thank you for looking and God Bless!!!
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    Small Dubia's For Sale

    Free shipping and live arrival is guaranteed and shipping included small 1/2 " or less 1k - $55 shipped
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    Small Dubia Package For Sale - $20

    225 small dubia + 2 female + 1 male + 10% over count for only $20. Any question please send an email. Thanks!