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    My 1 beardie is so small compared to siblings and dont know why????

    Its a dominance issue, housing them together you will always have one that's bigger than the rest, it will eat the most food, hog the basking spot etc. Bearded dragons really should be kept in separate enclosures or at a stretch, 1 male and 1 female though that doesn't always work. As for...
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    ah it's the "what are you listening to" thread

    Been listening to Wu bai and china blue mostly. When im not listening to mandarin rock or HK pop I love oldies such as 40's and 50's jazz, mowtown and soul. Cheers-
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    The favorite game...

    Central bearded dragons. What's your fav way to relax? (mines reading and smoking cigars)
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    BD Hatchling

    Beautiful pics of a beautiful dragon. Thanks for sharing :) Cheers- yamori
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    Beardie Questions

    Hate to throw links out there but check out Great info on husbandry, enclosures, lighting, substrate, breeding, illnesses etc.
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    He gets aggressive

    Its purely defensive, having something try and pull him out is like a predator trying to grab him. Once they get wound up nothing you do can calm them down, id just put him back in his enclosure and let him chill out under his heat lamp. Any dark enclosed spot in the room will most likely...
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    First ever in the US.

    Stunning king's Goanna mate, they are one of my fave dwarf monitors. Congrats! Cheers- D
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    Bearded setup

    I do agree with your statement that there is a great deal of bad information around these days, do your research and make decisions based on what you've found but at the end of the day we all do things differently. Believe what you will regarding sand, i call it paranoia but whatever, bottom...
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    My little beardie family :-)

    Beautiful, healthy looking dragons you have there :) Thanks for sharing. Cheers- Yamori
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    what blub?

    That was only regarding a couple of brands, exo terra compact UVB's are completely safe, give great levels of uvb, last up to a year and are cheap. Tubes and mercury vapor bulbs are far too expensive.
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    Which substrate for Bearded Dragons?

    Have you been to Australia? seen the habitat of this species with your own eyes? well i have lived here all my life and have seen the entire range of their distribution. They do not live on clay at all but in their arid habitat its either vast open plains covered in red dirt or desserts...
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    Bearded setup

    Keep the two dishes but bin the rest of the stuff in their. By a bag of play sand or pool filter sand and then go out in to the forests or your back yard etc and collect a bunch of rocks of all shapes and sizes, put the sand in, plonk the rocks in, put your dishes back in and your good to go...
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    Colored sand?

    Sands to get - beach sand, play sand, dessert sand. Sands to avoid- colored sand, calci sand, excavator sand. I would recommend either a natural dessert sand or sand mixed with coco fiber which are both natural to bearded dragons as its what they live on in the wild as they come from arid to...
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    what blub?

    Id get the 26W Repti Glo 10.0 Compact, great product, i use them myself, never had any problems with them. Cheers- yamori
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    force feeding a bearded dragon

    Get a bowel and a spoon or better yet, mortar and pestle, mix and grind some crickets or woodies, water, calcium powder and multivitamin and mineral powder, mix well then get a pipette or syringe, suck some up and slowly squirt some in to your beardies mouth.