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    Looking for pictus geckos

    possibly a male and female pair. PM me. thanks :) Amber
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    Anyone else have Red Eyed Crocodile Skinks?

    I got a pair of these guys and wondered if anyone else had them? Also if anyone can help, I have no idea how to sex lol. Was told the smaller one is a year old and the bigger is a year and a half. suppose to be male and female but i honestly have no idea. They are in a tank with coco fiber with...
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    Dubia Roaches vs. Crickets

    Why do you think this? That is true about wax worms but not mealworms.. many of us feed just mealworms as a staple.
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    Looking for Halloween Masks

    Found me a nice pair of bold stripes. No longer looking :). Thanks Chris!
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    Probably not. Ive never been to any shows but have been wanting to go. Hubby works all weekend sadly though
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    Wow how is it that i totally missed this post? :/
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    Had my baby :)

    Congrats!!! Wasnt it the best feeling in the world hearing the first cry and seeing her for the first time? :) i cried when i heard my boys cry. Thats when all reality hit that these little babies that where in my belly where real! They where and are the most precious things in my life. They...
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    GFP Axolotls: GLOWING Alien Pets!

    The only reason im against the GFP axolotls are because they dont do it naturally. It was something scientists did to them
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    Anyone else have African Pygmy Mice?

    I have a reverse trio(or at least I hope, they are SO tiny and the probable female is young so hard to tell 100%, she is the one in the middle of the picture, but the older 2 are for sure boys as you can see there manly bits haha) of these little buggers and find them very entertaining to watch...
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    taming new gerbils

    Best way is to just pick them up and do it. Or give them treats often and they will learn you will always come bearing treats :)
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    My pup

    What a handsome little man! Glad he found a good home :) Maybe someday he will learn to live without being so scared! We rescued a little chihuahua off of craigslist(he is not my hubbys parents dog) and he was terrified of everyone and everything. Would pee when he got scared too. Its been...
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    new Pink Dalmatian :)

    Beautiful! ;) I love the red and big ink splotches!
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    Looking for Halloween Masks

    Looking for a nice halloween mask bold stripe pair if possible. Will consider single geckos as well. Thanks Amber
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    update on my "old" cresties...

    I think cresties are so cute! Love the pictures!
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    Dubia Roaches vs. Crickets

    Leave a dish full of mealworms in.... they will eat then when they are hungry... just refill when empty......