1. Iris


    Iris! My beautiful girl. She's a female peacock day gecko. She's never shy and loves to be the center of attention. Whenever she hears voices she comes running up to the glass.
  2. Neri


    A little outside time for picture day! Temperature was high enough for her first day out
  3. Navi explores

    Navi explores

  4. W

    A beautiful bundle

    A stunning white sided black rat, simply beautiful
  5. W

    Such a beautiful gecko

  6. S

    Awesome Raptor Male

    200+ shipping. 2 ALL RED EYES. 5 Months old, 56 Grams as of 6/13/13 ... MSG me if you're interested 100% live arrival guarantee
  7. W

    Solid Mahogany Display Cage

    For sale is a beautiful custom built solid mahogany cage. Living dimensions are 48" high, 29" long, and 20" wide. Overall cage height is over 6'. Bottom interior of cage has a waterproof coating that is virtually indestructible. Cage has a drain for easy cleaning. Excellent display cage. Asking...