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    Help starting a leopard gecko terrarium

    Hello all! And happy saturday to those that read it today. i am currently amidst setting up what I hope will be the perfect environment for 2 female leopard geckos. Right now I have a 40 gallon terrarium with a basking & uvb light on respective sides of the tank - on a timer for 12 hours - and...
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    New Owner, Need help gender identifying

    Heyyy, I am a newer leopard gecko owner. I recently purchased two geckos from a pet shop (yes I know that’s not he best idea but I wasn’t able to locate local breeders). Upon purchasing them I wasn’t told the gender. Now I have done numerous research and looked it plenty of photos but I’m still...
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    New Owner, some general questions!

    Hey everbody! I just joined thing forum today, and have had my first ever reptile, a baby fancy leopard gecko from ++++++++, for about 3 days now. I've always had pets and all kinds of different types, but never a reptile and wanted to give it a try. So far I love having my gecko, Sonny. He (or...
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    Beginner, Please help me!

    How old does a crested need to be before you can put him in a big viv? Also how old does a crested need to be before you can determine the gender? Last, there are some little white bugs in my viv(no idea if they are springtails or mites), can these hurt a gecko?:main_huh::o:main_huh:
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    Hi all!

    EDIT: It's my first time using forums so I didn't know I had to post in the other categories :P