1. Beccabrace

    Chahoua Help :(

    Hi, attached is my female chahoua, she laid eggs recently and since then has been refusing food etc. She is deteriorating & I just noticed this small lump in the middle of her abdomen, does any one have any idea what it is?
  2. JSReptilesUK


    Just thought I'd drop a little hello - my partner and I have been keeping reptiles for coming up to eight years now but only recently started joining some of the forums as never really thought about it before! I've attached some of our gecko gang for you all to see :) Left to right: Zilla the...
  3. G

    Please share your Chahoua knowledge with me!!

    Hello everyone! Im new to the whole forum thing and I guess new to Geckos as well. Im Heather, after spending several months working at a pet store with lizards I fell in love with Geckos I have 2 geckos Moe, Blazing Blizzard Leopard Gecko and Greg, my Chahoua. I have had Moe for a few months...
  4. T

    gargoyle, chewie or leachie

    i'm new to this site and i'm just trying to get the most responses which is why i'm posting here and not in the rhac forum. I have an empty 30 gal. long tank 36x12x17. I have been wanting a gargoyle for a while now but i've recently discovered the leachies and chewies. I already have two...
  5. wilsonlubeck

    Gargoyle vs. Chahoua Gecko

    Recently i posted a thread about a leachie and chewie. I decided i liked chewies better, but stumbled across Gargoyles. I have done research on both and cant decide which one to get. Can you tell me what you think i should do and why i should choose either one? Thanks:)
  6. wilsonlubeck

    Leachianus vs Chahoua

    At the coming show in Anaheim, i will be getting one of these. I still havent made up my decision. Can you please help me to make my decision by telling me the care of both, the temperament of both, and just the all around "review" on both. It would be great if you can help! Thanks :)