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    Check out our breeders from group LW1 (Lilly White)
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    Check out our breeders from group LW1 (Lilly White)
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    Check out our breeders from group LW1 (Lilly White)
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    Check out our breeders from group LW1 (Lilly White)
  5. B

    First time here, long time breeder!

    Hello all!!! My name is Justin and I work for BB's Crested Geckos. Hopefully, some of you may have heard of us. I'm pleased to announce that I will posting some of our amazing animals up for show and tell, education, and of course, buying, selling, trading, etc. If you have not heard about...
  6. Kingscresties

    Specialty Baby Crested Geckos For Sale

    Red based Phantom Super Dalmatian Baby Crested Geckos. Hand raised and bred by my own two cresties. Papa was a beautiful Ink Spot Phantom Dalmation and mom was a Red Super Dalmation (last two pictures). Baby’s we’re born on Sept 8th and are so healthy and sweet, hand bred and fed and...
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    Pepper, my other baby! Crested gecko, red based phantom super dalmation!
  8. F421F184-506C-43E6-AEA7-D798B97904B1.jpeg


    My baby! Groot is his name! Crested gecko, red based phantom super dalmation! And super cute! Just 2 months old now.
  9. Morfran

    Someone Rescue This Crested Gecko!

    Just saw this crested gecko at Petco Midlothian, Texas for only $60 what a steal! This poor baby was hiding in the furthest back corner trying to get away but they didn’t provide the proper hiding places for the baby and it makes me sad I can’t take her in myself. I’m just a newb to the hobby...
  10. My crested gecko sandy !!!!❤️❤️❤️

    My crested gecko sandy !!!!❤️❤️❤️

    Hey watch my YouTube channel reptile life !!!! Here is my crested gecko can anybody tell what kind of morph is she exactly ?
  11. GeckoMamaArle

    Crested gecko dwarfism?

    Hello! I used to breed crested geckos and all of the babies I've raised over the years seem very large at 2 years old, but one in particular I decided to keep is only 9 grams at (2 years old in August). She eats, climbs, isn't too thin or anything. She's just so small!! Is there such a thing as...
  12. Granite


    Granite, my super dalmatian crested gecko. She was from my last clutch of two super dalmatian pinstripes. I want to breed again eventually!
  13. Pinstripe


    July 2019 hatchling
  14. Dalmatian hatchling

    Dalmatian hatchling

    Little dalmatian hatchling
  15. J

    UK Newbie!

    Hey there! Just a newbie from the UK and currently have the cutest (well in my eyes) crested gecko and her name is Ella. She's doing fine, eating well so she is the joy of my life . However, my previous luck with geckos hasn't been all that good.. Unfortunately I lost my much loved Leopard...
  16. supremegecko

    Big change to Supreme Gecko

    Well, the new Supreme Gecko site was introduced in early Summer last year and we had a great response. The site is built around the Learning Center with articles and videos on Leopard geckos, crested geckos, etc. One draw to the site was that we were still using the old store site (requiring...