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    Beautiful Bairds scales

    I snapped this lose up of a stunning male Bairds over at Rainforest Exotics
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    Stunning natural beauty

    There is no denying that the genus of Phelsuma are stunning. These baby Giants Day geckos over at Rainforest Exotics certainly are. Bright, bold and very colourful, what's not to love
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    Cobra close up

    King cobra over at Rainforest exotics
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    A caiman called "candy" lurks over in the waters at Rainforest exotics
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    King Cobra glare

    An inquisitive King Cobra female over at Rainforest Exotics
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    Saluwesi black mangrove stunner

    Head of a young CB B.d. gemmicincta bred by Rainforest Exotics
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    Boiga Babies

    Rainforest Exotics Captive bred both B. d gemmicincta and B. d. meanota
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    Beauty in Black & White

    A beautiful king Cobra female over at Rainforest Exotics