1. WizardLizard

    Leo won’t eat? Help please!

    My leopard gecko Flitwick, Age - 1.5 years Morph - wild type (I think, bought from pet smart) Size - slightly smaller than normal Gender - male Tank size - 20 gallon tall Substrate - cocoa fiber carpet Temps - warm side 95-80 cold side 80-70 Humidity - varies from 20-40 Food - mealworms...
  2. R

    Automatic Formula Feeder?

    During summer I often am out of town over the weekends, and so I was wondering if anyone knows of any automatic formula feeders out there? In the past I’ve had a petsitter, but would be nice to explore other options.
  3. N

    I accidentally ordered small locusts (v small!) will my geckos eat them still?

    Hello! New here! So yesterday I ordered some locusts and they arrived today, only to realise I ordered the super tiny ones! May sound silly but will my geckos still eat them? Or will they even see them?! I hope someone can help! Thanks!
  4. I

    MBD gecko not eating

    i have a leopard gecko with MBD. She has one leg that she pretty much walks more on her forearm now, but all 3 other joints are still perfectly healthy. She is honestly really chunky with a huge tail, loves being held every night, and has a lot of energy. lately i’ve realized she really isn’t...
  5. D

    Feeding advice/ help!

    Hello! This is our Leo! He all of a sudden stopped eating 4 weeks ago and has not had a meal since!! He has shed within that time and ate his skin but still refuses to even look at a single meal worm. I am at a complete loss after trying lots of different things and just want to see if anyone...
  6. H

    Vet supplied OMNIVOUR emeraid

    Hi I'm brand new here so I apologize in advance for anything I might do wrong. My leopard gecko (older)was having trouble eating and losing lots of weight and shedding constantly. We went to the vet after we noticed its vent was clogged with old shedding. Vet soaked and got rid of shedding as...
  7. F

    Best place for food bowl

    is there an ideal location for placing food bowl for crestie. I have a mag ledge with a vine leading to it and a plant beside it near the top... Should I move it? Should I place multiple food bowls?
  8. spookychief

    Older tokay not eating

    Hi guys/gals, my family and I are new to the world of geckos and we inherited a 15-year-old Tokay Gecko from my mother in law who could no longer care for the animal. I am a python guy generally, but this little gecko is just super awesome and has tons of personality. The issue is he has just...
  9. W

    Tiz the season to seek out ground turkey mince

    Seek food and destroy
  10. J

    Blaptica Dubias or Turkistan Roaches?

    Which is better? Dubia or Turkistan? Please state the pros and cons. :)
  11. M

    new leopard gekko still wont eat!!

    hi, suppose i should start with a quick habitat description as that is what everyone seems to ask for first ;) i have a 10gal tank with a heat pad covering over 1/3 of the base but not quite 1/2, the habistat is set to 30'c and the temp probe is on the floor on the warm side, the mat cuts in and...
  12. Miami geckos

    Super Worms, Meal Worms, & Wheat Bran (Worm chow)

    You want the best prices and we've got them. Guaranteed! Check us out at Proud to be Florida's #1 Worm distributors. Note: All "GeckoForums" members will receive a 10% refund or 10% extra(overshipment) on your order. Just say "10 percent refund" or "10 percent...