1. GeckoGuys

    Home Depot Plants, Any Recommendations?

    Hi there! So, recently I have gotten my package from the BioDude, but I dont really have enough cash for their plants so I thought the Home Depot plants would be cheaper, I’ve done some research and I've heard they do sometimes happen to have pesticides, what do you guys think, I’ve used Home...
  2. Noki the tokay

    Noki the tokay

    He hidin
  3. HSSX5635[1].JPG


    New photo of Chalupa and some newly added foliage to his enclosure!
  4. Chalupa.the.Chahoua

    Gecko launches himself at glass in front of me

    I've had my chahoua Chalupa for over a month now. This is my first gecko ever, and it's been going well so far. He's been great. What I'm trying to work on his handling him more regularly, and working out a system to safely get him in and out of the cage without him running loose around my...
  5. GPPU6173[1].JPG


    Chalupa chilling on a bamboo branch. :D <3