giant leopard geckos

  1. S

    Two leopard geckos for sale!

    $100 for both geckos and all supplies. Lafayette LA I have one giant albino from a show named Dova and one from petsmart named Leah, both rescues I have been taking care of for 3 years. Unfortunately im moving and need to find a new home for them. I have all the supplies for them including an...
  2. N

    Giant Mack Snow Leopard Gecko for Adoption

    idk how to delete posts but nevermindie
  3. LoveReps

    Leopard gecko keeps growing

    Hey all. Early last year I had purchased my first leopard blizzard. She is a female and when I got her she was about 7" nose to tail tip. I figured she was pretty much done growing at this point, however, one day when I took her out to hold her I noticed she looked a lot larger than I expected a...
  4. A

    General business questions from a newbie.

    I don't know where to put this but it is sorta a rant so if you can help me please feel free to chime in. :D Thanks However I really want to play with the giant gene in the gecko world. I have 2 large girls that I don't think have the giant gene but are large. The owner of one of the girls...