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    Pair of White & Yellow Designers

    IDs: F1-3-15 & BB1-5-15 Male on left / Female on right White and Yellow Designer Pair - Sold Only as a Pair Male born on 7/16/15 and Currently weighs 91 grams Female born on 9/26/15 and Currently weights 86 grams $220 Shipped for Pair. Craig 509-808-1611 Check us out at 'CNS Geckos' on...
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    Giant Designer het for Tremper

    ID: D1-7-15 Giant Designer her for Tremper Male born on 6/26/15 Current Weight = 120 grams $120 Shipped Craig 509-808-1611
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    Giant White & Yellow het for Tremper

    ID: C1-6-15 Giant White&Yellow het for Tremper. Male born on 6/10/15. Current Weight = 110 grams $110 shipped. Craig 509-808-1611
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    I'm Natasha, a teacher outside of Boston. I recently got back into leopard geckos after a 13+ year hiatus (off to college, etc.) and holy crap have leos become a lot more complicated/interesting. I've got a 7-ish year old male sunglow, proven breeder (I like adding that because it's on all his...