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    Gecko Heating Help

    So I have a UTH, which gets the floor to about 93 degrees on the hot side, but the air temperature is a little cooler than I'd prefer (around 80 degrees). I had a 75W infrared bulb that shouldn't have disrupted their circadian rhythm, but it made the floor too hot (around 105 degrees). I want to...
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    Hi from the UK

    Hi Well my 10 year old son Ethan finally has his Leopard gecko, he has wanted one for years, and this year we decided he was old enough to have one. We managed to get a fairly good deal on a second hand set up £60 for a 3ft viv, heating, caves,bowls food and a 6 month Gecko. I thought i had...
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    Heating breeding racks

    I am in the process of breeding some geckos, trying to get everything going to make this passion of mine a full time business. I currently use heat cable but am debating on switching to heat tape due to I feel it would be more efficient in reaching a steady ambient temperature. Can I please have...
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    Combo Hoods for UVA, UVB, Heat' and Night Bulbs

    Hi All, Although I have kept reptiles and amphibians since childhood, and worked in zoos for most of my adult life, I remain amazed by the array of herp-care innovations that are available to us today. True, not all are necessary (and some are downright ridiculous!), but many are...
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    My Leopard Gecko & Crested Gecko Enclosures!

    The one on the left is my Leopard Gecko Enclosure! The one on the right is my Crested Gecko Enclosure! I STILL NEED SOME DECOR FOR LEO'S ENCLOSURE
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    56 IRIS Hatchling Tub Rack

    This is a 6 foot tall by 3ft and 1.5 inch wide rack system. It can hold 56 IRIS Hatchling Tubs. It comes with the heat tape already installed and wired. It also comes with a Helix DBS-1000 proportional grounded thermostat. It has 14 shelves that each hold 4 hatchling tubs. The tubs are not...
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    would a light bulb heating source harm a leopard gecko in any way?

    Would a hot light bulb above half my leopard gecko tank (don't actualy have the animal yet) for heating harm my gecko gecko in any way? I've heard a under tank heating pad is recomended but I don't know why. Also is a uv balb necessary, if not will it harm the lizard?