1. A

    What Type of Morph is This?

    I’m looking to figure out what type of morph this gecko is. I know it’s a leopard gecko. Believe it’s a marble hypo morph or super hypo. Can any1 help me figure out what type of this morph is? I can provide more photos if needed Photos don’t seem to be super high quality of the actual photo...
  2. J

    Identify My Leopard Gecko plz

    Hey everyone I have 2 awesome Leopard Gecko's I have a high yellow normal, and cant seem to figure out what my other one is from research. It looks alot like multiple kinds that ive seen like a bell albino but not sure if the eyes match. Also kind of looks like a lavender something because of...
  3. mbrown29

    hey guys

    Hey! I'm new to this site and am interested in learning more about Geckos from people who own them. I bought my first Leopard Gecko 8-13-12 from Petco. I'm now very attached and comfortable enough to expand my collection by adding one more leopard gecko. I'm buying one from a friend who got...