1. S

    Early MBD or overreacting Leo mom?

    Hello, This is Paco, and he’s (supposedly) a 1 month old leopard gecko. That’s what the petsmart employee told me, however he seems to be a little big to be only a month old. I’m not an expert though, I’ve only had a bearded dragon. He’s been with me for about a week, and he’s been the sweetest...
  2. B&B Geckos

    Lavender Bold Tangerine

    Lavender Bold Tangerine BE6118 Sex: Female Hatch: 6/27/16 Weight: 48 grams Gorgeous! From crossing a Firebold to our Bold Tangerine line. Top notch genetics. $268
  3. M

    Lavender Stripe Gem Snow Female

    Virgin Gem Snow Female, ready to breed. from PAC Herps blood lines, was informed by breeder (Wild West Reptile) that he did not cross the line into anything else and kept it pure Gem Snow. She is a LOOKER!!! $200.00
  4. B&B Geckos

    Tangerine Female

    Unique tangerine. High-white sides, sporadic red highlights with lavender on head. Very robust. Gecko Genetics/Blood x Blood/Torrid/ Electric/Emerine. Mother is 10" long and over 100 grams (I've a purple head line tang male to cross with her, if interested in project). Tangerine 6RD1 Sex...
  5. Landen

    Lavender Snow Tremper poss Giant Female

    2011 Lavender Snow Tremper possible Giant Female - $60.00 ID# - KM6A-082011 Hatch Date - 08/20/2011 Weight - 22grams Mom - Lavender Tremper Stripe Dad - Giant Snow Tremper Stripe All of my gecko's are hand raised from hatching. I breed my own Superworms which are organically grown...