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  1. Lava Firewater Male - First of my new line

    Lava Firewater Male - First of my new line

    This is a gorgeous male I've reserved from Gecko Element! He is a stunner, the grandchild of "Lava" from the original Lava Firewater line created by Bryan Jett! His parents are Ingenous (Lava Firewater) x Roxi (Atomic Rainwater). I'm super excited to see the incredible babies he helps to produce!
  2. Spotty Tails

    ***WANTED*** Tremper Albino (Male)

    I am looking for a clean line Bred Tremper Albino male with minimal hets. Hets are OK but I would prefer eclipse. I would like anything that meets these requirements from a temp sexed juvenile, a sexed juvenile, adult, proven breeder. etc. Lineage and Genetics are the most important. PM me if...
  3. Gecko Gallery

    Rotational Line Breeding Program

    Line Breeding Program by Shannon Hiatt, Gecko Gallery, Texas Introduction I’ve seen great posts in the forum that explain what line breeding is, along with its merits and shortcomings. However, few posts advocate any particular line breeding approach that might help someone unfamiliar...