1. B&B Geckos

    Bold Stripe Snow

    Special gecko. Extraordinarily bold stripes, lightly colored Mack snow. Has very distinct head markings (even better after last shed). R2/Tundra line bold stripe snow x Bandit. 6BM 107 Sex: TS Female Hatched: 9/14/2013 Weight: 17 grams $ 345.00 We guarantee our geckos to be as...
  2. bubblez825

    Female Mack snow(pick up only; AZ)

    I have a female mack snow het for bell and blizzard, about 4 to 5 years old, perfectly healthy and very sweet/loving.She is about 80g(I have a non-digital food scale, I'm not sure how accurate it is)and about 8.5" long. I'm looking to give her a new home, but do not know anything about shipping...