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  1. B

    Need help with sexing geckos

    The male I have is obviously male but I got a second one which is slightly smaller and has faint pores and only a few. My males stick out quite a bit and are fully along the width of his body while my other has only four on each side. They get along and what I have found online says it is...
  2. J

    Gecko stressed.

    Hi everyone! My name is John. I own two crested geckos. I didn’t get them at the same time though. My first gecko, Elliott came abt a year before my second, Noumea. Elliott was my first gecko so there was definitely some trial and error But once I determined he was a boy I decided a female...
  3. I

    2 geckos one enclosure (male/female) ?

    Hello! i’m currently the owner of 3 leopard geckos (all in seperate tanks as we learned when they were young they couldn’t be roommates) Recently while going to petco to get crickets and mealworms, we were told that someone had surrendered 2 adult leopard geckos. They said they were available...
  4. F

    Unexpected surprise

    So I woke up today and my Male leopard left a little surprise in the tank for me only 1 egg not 2
  5. S

    black pastels het pied and OTHERS list!

    For sale is: 1.1 pair of 2012 black pastels het pied for sale. Asking $1,000 for the pair 1.1 Juvie pair of crested geckos. Male is a flame (red) and the female is an orange tiger. Asking $100 for the pair 8 month old female PURE Suriname red tail boa. This girl is gorgeous! Asking $350...
  6. contracteryin

    New Leopard Gecko

    I'm going to be getting one pretty soon [already have one] and I know I need to quarantine them and all, but for how long? I've seen most people say 30-60 days or so, but just to check in I want to know your guys opinions. I currently have a female, and the the other one, I'm not 100% sure yet.