new gecko

  1. K

    Leopard Gecko morphs

    Hello. I bought five geckos since November from different owners, a pair that didn't really know how to keep a healthy pet really, so I took the geckos in not to leave them with them. they weren't informed on what the morphs of the geckos are, I have my thoughts, but I'm not sure. Can you make...
  2. puffydr

    How old would you guess this dude is? :)

    Just got him from a pet store 3 days ago, and they didn't know more than the birth certificate saying 2019. By the looks of his papers, he's imported as well, so it's a bit hard to ask the breeder. He weighs 27 gram. The little dude is still very shy/afraid of me, but super active at dusk and...
  3. G

    New gecko issues?

    Hello all! I recently bought a albino juv leo gecko, and so far, he's pretty okay, but there's some things I'm a bit concerned of. He arrived this morning, and after being in a box all day and night, I figured hes just tired, but it's always good to be sure. He's very sleepy, opens his eyes...
  4. Emimee

    New Gecko Hasn't Started Eating Yet

    Just this weekend I got my first gecko, a gargoyle gecko, at an expo in Austin, TX. He hasn't started eating yet, and I'm wondering how long I should wait before I start to worry about this. I know it's not super unusual for new animals to take some time before they start feeding regularly after...