new leopard gecko morph

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    Leopard Gecko morphs

    Hello. I bought five geckos since November from different owners, a pair that didn't really know how to keep a healthy pet really, so I took the geckos in not to leave them with them. they weren't informed on what the morphs of the geckos are, I have my thoughts, but I'm not sure. Can you make...
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    Lemon Frost Leopard Gecko Pair Auction for $10,000 at Tinley Park! Lemon Frost Leopard Gecko Pair Auction for $10k at Auction! - Rarest Leopard Gecko Morph Generates $20k for USARK! Rodent Pro matches $10k! Amazing new and rarest leopard gecko morph created by Gourmet Rodent was auctioned off at the Tinley Park...
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    New Lemon Frost Leopard Gecko Morphs GENETICS! Gourmet Rodent Owner Interview Some highlights from Mr. Pelle's Gecko Nation Radio show from Oct. 4th, 2015. Mike Layman from Gourmet Rodent discusses the Lemon Frost.
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    RAREST Leopard Gecko Morph - The LEMON FROST!! First ever auction this week at Tinley

    First ever available lemon frost leopard gecko going for auction at NARBC at Tinley Park oct 10th & 11th.