new leopard gecko

  1. B

    URGENT: Gecko Starving Itself - Please Help!

    HISTORY: I adopted an adult leopard gecko from PetSmart two weeks ago because it was blind. Prior to this, the gecko lived in the store for maybe five months in a 10 gallon enclosure with an overhead heat lamp during the day and a night lamp at night. It was fed a diet of crickets until it began...
  2. ~Kayla

    New leopard gecko owner here! a few questions and concerns:

    Hi everyone! I just have a few questions regarding the husbandry of my new leopard gecko, Casey (His\her name for now, lol) he\she is two weeks old and I got her two days ago from a reptile breeder. 1: I strictly tong feed him\her mealworms for now, is that okay? I'm not sure if I should just...
  3. X

    Hey, Pet***** Screw you.

    Hey. This is long, but important. So be patient. Last September me and my girlfriend, who had just moved in together, finally bought our first reptile. We were inexperienced, but had done as much research as we could, saved up our money, picked a date, ran the tank for weeks getting the temps...
  4. Vastra

    Hello! First time reptile owner from Oregon :)

    (Edit: He's eating again! Three young crickets just today. :) ) Hey guys! :) I'm a cat person and recently got my first leo, Minimus Shakespeare, he's four years old and as best I can tell in good health, I found him on craigslist and the set up he came with isn't ideal but I'm trying to...