rhacodactylus auriculatus

  1. Emimee

    Gecko In New Viv Keeps Hanging Upside Down

    I just put together my new 18x18x18 exo-terra tank, currently with paper towel lining, a large rock hide, a small log hide, a few rocks, several lives plants (awaiting my shipment of ABG mix soil for potting so I can start developing a bioactive substrate) and a mushroom ledge. I introduced my...
  2. Emimee

    Aberforth's First Handling Sesh

    Last night I got my gargoyle gecko Aberforth out for his first handling session! I've waited two and a half weeks and only touched him twice in that time. The first was because it was freaking me out that he was sleeping basically on his back with his tail underneath him and his little hands...