1. U

    Pores? Weird white spot?

    Hello all! I'm a new Crested gecko owner who just purchased one at PetSmart a couple weeks ago. I know PetSmart isn't a good place to get anything but after months of searching stores in my area, they're the only ones with Cresties. I have my new scaled friend in a fully bioactive converted...
  2. Morfran

    Please Help Confirm Gender!

    Originally I was told my Leo was a male hence naming him Ragnar. However after lots of research I learned more on how to sex a gecko and I believe I was misinformed and my Leo is in fact a girl. I would like someone to help confirm this for me. I do not have a bulge or prominent femoral pores...
  3. kspiers1127

    help me sex my gecko!

    hello! I’m new here and I’m reaching out to see if anyone can help. I’m just wondering if anyone can help me sex my leopard gecko. I’m so confused and I can’t tell
  4. F

    Unexpected surprise

    So I woke up today and my Male leopard left a little surprise in the tank for me only 1 egg not 2
  5. S


    just want to confirm the sex on this
  6. K

    New Owner, Need help gender identifying

    Heyyy, I am a newer leopard gecko owner. I recently purchased two geckos from a pet shop (yes I know that’s not he best idea but I wasn’t able to locate local breeders). Upon purchasing them I wasn’t told the gender. Now I have done numerous research and looked it plenty of photos but I’m still...
  7. H

    Male or female

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if my gecko is Male or female? Not the greatest photos but he/she is super nervous haha. Thank you
  8. G

    Sexing my Leopard Gecko?

    Hello all, I've had my Leopard Gecko, Fred, for years. When we got them, the clerk at the pet store didn't know it's gender, though I assume that's because it was fairly young when we got them. I was wondering if anyone could help sex my Leopard Gecko? If better pictures are needed, I will...
  9. P

    Male or female?

    So basically my Gold Dust Day Gecko shed today. I actually caught him shedding and it was really cool! Anyway now that he is brighter I would like to know if its possible to differentiate between a male and a female Gold Dust just by general appearance? So there's the picture of it. If you guys...
  10. J

    Help Sexing 1 year old Crested Gecko

    Hi, My cresty is now 1 year old, I am fairly certain it is female. But I'm not 100%. Can I get some help? It started weeing in this picture >_> Thanks JM