1. V

    Buy one get one 50% off until January 7th!

    For the first week of 2015, I'm doing a buy one get one 50% off sale. The 50% animal will be the one of lower value. I have four, possibly five leopard geckos for sale. I have a female leopard gecko, Bold Jungle morph. Wanted to breed her this past season, but she reaches a plateau in her...
  2. G

    Two proven breeders and one non proven female leopard geckos

    I have three adult leopard geckos available. We ship for a flat rate of $50. PM me if you have any questions. TF1- Proven Breeder Morph: Super Hypo Tang Carrot Tail Baldy Het. Tremper Albino Weight:47 grams Price:$150 TF2- Proven Breeder Morph: Super Hypo Tang Carrot Tail Baldy Poss...
  3. zachandjess2904

    Hatchling SHTCTB , lots available

    Asking $75 to $100 each plus shipping . Lots to choose from hatching daily all are 100% het raptor . Email for pics and prices on what's currently available . [email protected]
  4. B

    My first video

    this my first selective breed project in tangerine.. just test :D
  5. Kristi23

    Leopard Gecko Sale ~ New Photos

    I'd like to get some geckos shipped before it gets too cold. We are still good this week and next, but I noticed that some states are already too cold. To use this sale, I must be able to ship soon. Please see my website for terms. Shipping is additional. If you spend $300+, shipping is on...