1. J

    Questions regarding pricing

    I am having difficulty deciding what to price my offspring Leopard Geckos at. I have 5 of them (video links shown below). They all came from a Super-Hypo Tangerine Carrot-Tail Baldy mother and a normal (possible Giant?) father. This is the 1st in the clutch, hatched around Easter 2019, male...
  2. Tulo


    My Super Snow Tulo!
  3. T

    Tokay gecko morphs for sale

    I have for sale. 1.1 Patternless Powder Blue 1.2 Calico/Pied 1.1 Blue Granite 1.1 Super Red Please only serious inquiries Email- [email protected]
  4. G

    3 Leopard Geckos & tank w/ lots of accessories - Super Mack Snow Gecko - Tampa Bay

    Up for sale is a really nice set of 3 Leopard Geckos and everything needed for them. These are our sons, but he is young and has lost interest. The geckos included are a yellow female super hypo and a female super hypo carrot tail baldy. They are both just over a year old. The male included is a...
  5. B&B Geckos

    Super Tangerine Reverse Stripe APTOR Female

    Carrot Head APTOR Female Beautiful with bold carrot head. JMG High Contrast line APTOR x High Contrast Extreme Emerine. 66% het Eclipse. 6CS76 Sex: Female Hatched: 7/29/2013 Weight: 17 grams $215 We guarantee our geckos to be as described, of top quality, parasite free, 100% healthy, and...
  6. B&B Geckos

    Carrot Head Super Tangerine Reverse Stripe Aptor Female

    Stunner. Carrot head, high contrast, superb color. JMG High Contrast line APTOR x High Contrast Extreme Emerine. 66% het Eclipse. 6CS47 Sex: Female Hatched: 7/3/2013 Weight: 26 g $235 Picture below was taken in natural lighting, at 16 grams. We guarantee our geckos to be as described...
  7. V

    snow or super snow het patternless

    As mentioned I'm looking for a snow or super snow And is het for murphy patternless. It can be tremper or het tremper also. Can be combination of other morphs also as long as it has snow And is het for Murphy's patternless. Message me on here or go to Or...
  8. Miami geckos


    Have you been looking for an economical yet high quality feeder for your reptiles, birds, fish, or other exotics? Look no further, Miami Geckos has you covered. We are now offering our 100% Organic Home-Grown Super Worms and Meal Worms at a competitive and affordable rate. CHECK OUT : MIAMI...