1. T

    Questions About What Caused Our Leo To Pass.

    Hi, Last night our pet leo, Izzy, passed away. Izzy was our beloved pet for about 6 years and we already miss her very much. We are trying to learn from this experience in order to decide if we did something wrong, or if she just became ill beyond anyone's ability to help her. We also want...
  2. S

    New to the Gecko World

    Hello, this past Saturday I found a small leopard gecko in my trailer outside. I live in the mountains so it was very cold and I'm not sure how he was still alive. Anyways, I brought him in, bought a 10 gallon tank for him and everything he needs. I would estimate him to be between 3-4 inches...
  3. Miami geckos

    All types of feeders

    Hello. We have all types of feeders available at extremely competitive pricing. Follow us on Instagram for special offers (@miamiworms) like the one we have going on right now... We are doing a free giveaway contest of 1,000 Superworms for FREE. Here's a hidden page for our Instagram...
  4. N

    Runny poop through microscope. Some kind of worm and eggs or something else?

    I noticed my male gecko had runny poo, so I put some on a slide and took a look at it. There is a worm looking thing with lots of elongated, pointy ovals in and around it. The ovals remind me most of whipworm eggs, but they're just too long and pointy(and I think too small as well) and look like...
  5. axolotltoast

    Lots and lots of mealies

    Hey fellas, my beetle farm is going nuts and I've been wanting to start selling the occupants for a while now. I can take orders with these guidelines in mind: 100 - $3 500 - $5 1000 - $10 2000 - $16 I can also add a few beetles if anybody wanted. They can be shipped for $5 or $11 depending...
  6. Miami geckos


    Have you been looking for an economical yet high quality feeder for your reptiles, birds, fish, or other exotics? Look no further, Miami Geckos has you covered. We are now offering our 100% Organic Home-Grown Super Worms and Meal Worms at a competitive and affordable rate. CHECK OUT : MIAMI...
  7. westcoastroaches

    1,000 Baby/Small Dubia Roaches For Sale

    1,000 Baby/Small Dubia Roaches For Sale - $55 Shipped. Other sizes and quantitys available. Will work you if you have a budget not a problem. Any questions drop us a line at: [email protected] Thank you for looking and God Bless!!!