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    Gecko Time: Caring for Elderly or Terminally Ill Geckos

    Having a sick or failing pet is devastating. We can't always cure them, but there are things we can do to give them the best quality of life possible. Here are some practical ideas: Aliza
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    Tank crowded?

    It seems to me that there's enough floor space and that most of the stuff is above the floor level. Geckos change their ideas of where they want to hang out or poop all the time. You could try to put poop in the old poop spot to see if that will convince them to change back. Otherwise, you...
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    Here's the article I wrote for Gecko Time about attending and shopping at a reptile expo (which I recommend): Aliza
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    Help me figure out what this sound is please

    If you can take him out of the enclosure temporarily and listen for the sound, that may be helpful. Aliza
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    Difficult Terrarium Setup for Leopard Gecko

    That's odd, since most of the mesh covers are standard sizes as are the aquariums. Don't get a tank with the kind of cover that slides out. When you slide it out, you'll have to lean over the pulled out cover to get to the gecko and it will be uncomfortable. Aliza
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    Temp: the hot side should be in the low 90'sF on the floor (measured with a digital thermometer with probe). In my opinion, as long as the ambient temp (in the room where the gecko lives) is such that humans are comfortable, that should be fine. If the gecko is cold, it can go into its warm...
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    New gecko owner!

    She looks like an adult healthy leopard gecko. I don't usually worry too much about weight. She has the build of some of my leopard geckos which is a little on the short side with a wide head, thick body and fat tail. You can always provide her with some climbing items in the cage, or take her...
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    Help me figure out what this sound is please

    Keep us posted. It sounds kind of intriguing. Aliza
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    Difficult Terrarium Setup for Leopard Gecko

    One thing you could do, though it's not ideal, is to attach the heat pad to the wall of the enclosure outside the enclosure. If it's adhering, there's a good chance it will get hotter than 90 and you'll need a thermostat. In all honesty, you will do better with a different enclosure. Keep an...
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    UVB: permissible, but not necessary for leopard geckos. Since they're nocturnal it's hard to determine how much they're actually basking and benefitting from the light. It's very possible to provide all their calcium and vitamin D3 needs with supplements. Gutloading: The feeders are only as...
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    Help gecko not eating

    It can go either way. I have some geckos that I hand feed part of the year and they're independent the rest of the year. Other geckos have trained me to hand feed them permanently. You could do a combination of offering food some days and hand feeding other days. Some geckos do slow down a...
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    Gecko tank sizing

    I think it would be enough (just) for 1 gecko. It's similar in size to a 20gallon high (24"x12"). On the other hand, if you get a shelf unit with 12" between the shelves you could get a bunch of exo-terra low enclosures like you have and it would look a lot nicer, but it's up to you. Aliza
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    Leopard Gecko very thin - already too late? (see pics attached)

    I have to say honestly it looks pretty bad. How long have these two been living together? Have any new reptiles come into the home? One thing you might consider is to bring the healthy gecko in to the vet with a stool sample to find out if he has any problems. Most leopard geckos carry a...
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    I don't think it's possible to tell you all you need to know in a thread on a forum. Google "leopard gecko care" if you haven't already and read care sheets. Also check out the articles in Gecko Time ( There are articles about other geckos besides leopard geckos...
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    Help me figure out what this sound is please

    Sorry, not a clue. I have a lot of geckos in my living room and most evenings I hear some little chirps but no one is ever acting weird. Does it always happen when the gecko is hiding? Is there any chance that it's moving something around in the cage? Sometimes I hear weird noises and then I...