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    Phelsuma laticauda hawaiian blue

    Cool! My gold dust in not a blue but it does come from a Hawaiian colony. Aliza
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    What's the story with your lizard? Aliza
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    New on here. Here are some photos

    Cute gecko! I bred L. williamsi one year and it was a disaster for me. I hatched 7 and they wouldn't eat! My breeding days are over now (in more ways than one!) and I'm just enjoying what I have. Aliza
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    Need answer quick

    It should be fine. Sometimes the crickets are at the end of their lives so they don't last too long. Aliza
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    Fake Plants

    I don't think it really matters what you get. If there's a pet store near you, you could always look there and get some "in person". They should be dense enough to provide some cover for your crested gecko. Aliza
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    How many Crickets and Mealworms and what days.

    1/4" crickets at the smallest. It may even be fine with 1/2" if you can't find the smaller ones. Aliza
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    20 gallon fish tank for a Leopard Gecko.

    Check out craigslist. I've never spent more than about $50 on an exoterra of any size by going through craigslist. Aliza
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    How many Crickets and Mealworms and what days.

    While your gecko is a juvenile, feed it small crickets (don't get the teeny ones; they're too small) and mealworms every day. Put some in and experiment to see how much it likes to eat at one feeding. Young juveniles usually make tiny poops several times a day. In my opinion, a good rule of...
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    New on here. Here are some photos

    Nice pictures! I have had P. klemmeri in the past, but never had a big enough enclosure for a grandis. Currently I have a gold dust day gecko (P. laticauda) and an electric blue day gecko (L. williamsi) as well as a tiny Spherodactylus sputator. Aliza
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    20 gallon fish tank for a Leopard Gecko.

    A 20 should be fine. If you're worried about it, you can always get a piece of plexiglass and block off part of the tank, but as long as you put the food and water near the warm hide so the gecko can find it when it goes out, it shouldn't be a problem even when using a full 20 gallon. Aliza
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    Best Heat emitter for enclosure

    How hot is the air in the enclosure? In my opinion, if the ambient temperature is comfortable for humans it's fine for the gecko. If the gecko is cold, it will spend more time in the warm hide. It's possible that a CHE will dry the air and dehydrate the gecko, but not definite. As far as I...
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    New Gargoyle Gecko Acting Stressed, Hiding all Night

    In my experience with cresties and gargoyles, sometimes it looked as if nothing was eaten but they were continuing to thrive. What would happen if you moved the food right near her basking spot (you can get one of those magnetic ledges and put the food on top of it)? Aliza
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    New AFT Gecko getting Kind of worried

    Most fat tails won't eat worms. Check to see that the dubias aren't hiding and burying themselves. When I order crickets, I get the 3/4" ones (Medium). It's only the adults that make noise (though my house sounds like a pleasant campground most of the time). If you house the crickets...
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    new member

    Welcome! If you have geckos, post some pictures! Aliza
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    New Gargoyle Gecko Acting Stressed, Hiding all Night

    At the moment I have 1 male gargoyle and 7 females (not all in the same enclosure). I find them to be much less active than my crested geckos. They don't explore much. They find a spot they like and hang out, until they find a different spot they like. Often, in my large enclosures with 3...