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    Hi All

    Welcome to you and Treavor. He looks happy and healthy. Aliza
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    Sick leopard gecko, closed eyes not eating

    Are the 23 and 25 temperatures on the floor of the cage or in the air? If it's the floor temperature, it's much too low. If it's the air temperature it's OK. The floor temperature needs to be about 33, and it needs to be that hot all the time. There should be a heat pad under the cage. If...
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    Congrats to you and your gecko! Aliza
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    Help please with required UVB and heat lamp?

    In my opinion, ideally the gecko will have belly heat 24/7 from a heat mat. There are some deep penetrating lights that people are using now to provide their gecko with light-based UVB. I don't think lighting is necessary as long as there is ambient light, though some people feel the gecko...
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    Gecko entirely off mealworms / only wants crickets?

    I've had my female gold dust day gecko for around 5 years. I've never seen her eat anything, ever, but the crickets disappear and she's thriving. I just put in the CGD twice a week and the crickets three times a week and don't worry about it. ALiza
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    I have a question...

    Maybe to balance making sure there's enough D3 and not overdoing it, you could dust the feeders (when you get to that point) every 3rd feeding instead of every other feeding. Aliza
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    Ikea Detolf

    In all those cases, the question is how much ventilation is there and is there a way to install heat and have the cords come out somewhere. Aliza
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    Basking Lamp

    I don't think it's a problem unless it's so hot that it dries out the air in the whole enclosure. Aliza
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    New to gecko

    To be honest, I don't know if a leopard gecko really "bonds" and some geckos never want to be held. If it's a young juvenile it will hiss. The best bet is to continue to have your son put his hand in the cage and talk to the gecko. He may be able to offer him a feeder from his hand. I don't...
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    Gecko's eye closed shut (help)

    Gently wash the eye with warm water, which may help the gecko to open the eye. Look very carefully, with a magnifying glass if necessary, to see if there's a small piece of shed in there. You can remove it with tweezers and a steady hand. Aliza
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    Substrate enclosure

    You could wet some paper towel, roll it up, put it in the gap and let it dry for a papier mache effect. I use this in my arboreal gecko cages for small geckos that may escape behind the background. Aliza
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    The only concern I can think of would be the Perlite which isn't so good for the gecko to ingest, but it's 10%, so maybe OK. Don't house a juvenile on this, and keep an eye on it to make sure there is no impaction happening. Aliza
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    Not eating and lethargic, but fat with armpit bubbles

    I have found that leopard geckos can go through periods where they just don't eat much, sometimes for weeks. That said, there are some concerning things about your setup: most people prefer to keep their geckos on non-particulate substrates. For those who do choose something with particles...
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    Enclosure help please

    Don't buy an all included setup because it often includes things you don't need (like lights believe it tr not). Get a 20 gallon long tank (30"x12"x12"), You can often find them on craigslist or yard sales for not much money. If you get a hatchling you could start with a 10 gallon, but you're...
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    Gecko entirely off mealworms / only wants crickets?

    Some geckos, especially ovulating females, aren't eating that much this time of year. On the other hand, when I was breeding leopard geckos, I brought all my hatchlings up on mealworms. The ones I ended up keeping got pretty bored with them eventually. Crickets and superstorms more a lot more...