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    LEOPA GEL????

    i have never tried it. Repashy makes a similar thing called "bug Pie". Some leopard geckos may like it, especially if you wiggle it. Others really prefer to hunt their food and this food isn't going to move Aliza
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    Possible Parasites in Leo

    I agree you shouldn't worry about parasites. One thing to know, though is that most geckos normally have a small parasite load and the problem is that when they get stressed, it can get out of control. Aliza
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    My Lovely Lady~

    Nice orange coloring. Aliza
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    Substrate Confusion......

    The only thing that could change is that some albinos (none of mine) are more sensitive to light. "Fancy Leopard Gecko" really doesn't mean anything except what the pet store wants it to mean. For some pet stores it means anything that's not just a regular wild type. As I mentioned before, I...
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    Shredded Paper Towel Substrate?

    You could try it. There is a chance that she could eat some of it and it may make it harder to find the poop. Another choice is to get a Gladware container, cut a square hole in the cover, and use coco fiber. Then she can go in there for a humid hide and also dig in it. Aliza
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    Substrate Confusion......

    I set up a bioactive habitat once which worked fine for 5 years. I'm putting some links below to some Gecko Time articles about leopard geckos bioactive habitats. I like using heat cable best (check out Zoomed; it's a rubber coated heat cable) because you can tape it on and then if you get a...
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    Possible Parasites in Leo

    It should be fine. This is the time of year when some geckos eat a lot and then eat a lot less once there is less light during the day. We are getting to the end of that period. Some of my geckos are still starving, but others have cut back. Remember this situation when your gecko doesn't...
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    shopping list for feeders?

    I recommend you start with the most common feeders: mealworms, crickets, super worms, dubia roaches. Pick 2 and see which your gecko likes. Then you can alternate between the 2 feeders and provide some of the other choices, as well as the less common (and sometimes more expensive) ones as a...
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    Tank Backgrounds?

    You can do however many sides you want. Some of the traditional pet stores that sell aquarium wallpaper also have some reptile habitat ones. If you want to make your own: do a google image search for Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan landscapes. Find one that will print large (I did mine about...
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    Substrate Confusion......

    You're doing fine with the site. It's confusing because there is more than one answer. Here's a brief survey of substrates with very brief pros and cons: a. Sand: I can't really think of any pros. Even people who keep their geckos on particle substrates don't put juveniles on sand. There is...
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    Just got our leopard gecko today!!!

    Welcome! Crickets are fine, mealworms are fine and super worms, among other less common feeders are fine. Enjoy your gecko. Aliza
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    Blizzard The Lizard (Bliz The Liz)

    Nice looking gecko! Welcome. Aliza
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    shopping list for feeders?

    I'm not sure what you mean: which you should get, how many, what will the feeders need to be good nutrition themselves, what other feeders you could get? Aliza
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    Leopard gecko food recommendations??

    As long as the gecko doesn't reject all other food in favor of waxworms you're probably OK. One thing that no one told me about waxworms (someone gave me a small amount so I used them on the geckos) is that they turned into waxmoths more quickly than I was expecting! Aliza
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    Leopard gecko food recommendations??

    Wax worms are very fatty and not a staple solution. Many geckos get bored with mealworms eventually because they don't move much. I feed crickets and super worms (I promised my family no roaches). Try another feeder and see what happens. Aliza