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    Photos of Carrot

    Well named! Aliza
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    Lethargic Leopard Gecko. Help Please

    It's easy to worry about a new pet. Often when a leopard gecko gets into a new space it checks everything out. Once it feels it "knows" the environment, it often reverts to being lazy. Your leopard gecko must feel safe to be able to be lazy again! Aliza
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    Hi from the UK

    I have kept and bred both! As you probably know, C. elegans requires a bit more humidity. I found the variegatus I kept to be a little more curious and willing to be out and around when they saw me. They're small, why not set up 2 enclosures and go with both?! Aliza
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    help me sex my gecko!

    Based on what I can see of the size, it's still a little young for sexing. It's also a little blurry in the right area. Aliza
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    Baby leopard gecko not eating after shed. It's been five days! :(

    It's a little unusual, but not unheard of. If the gecko doesn't have a humid hide, I'd recommend making one instead of misting. Keep offering and note whether its tail is getting skinnier, which would be a sign it's losing weight. If it does start losing weight, consider a reptile vet visit...
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    Welcome! Some people feel strongly that leopard geckos should only be housed singly. They say that even casemates that have been together for a long time can turn on each other. Other people are more comfortable with co-housing. I do keep my geckos together in small groups, although with a...
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    Thinking about breeding - How to familiarize yourself?

    It's great you're asking now as opposed to sometimes when people say "I just got two eggs. What should I do about an incubator?". There are a few articles below that may help. The other thing to do is to google "breeding leopard geckos" and read everything. You'll find that a lot of the...
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    Shed problems.. toe bone?

    It looks kind of like a long nail. I don't think you have to worry about it. Just keep helping him shed if he needs it. Aliza
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    Lethargic Leopard Gecko. Help Please

    If he's eating and drinking and pooping he's probably fine. These guys can be extremely lazy! He looks fairly well nourished from the picture. How about if you hold on for awhile and observe. Aliza
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    Introducing myself

    Welcome! If you haven't posted a picture of your gecko already, we'd love to see pictures. Aliza
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    New Leo Owner!!!

    There are a lot of different opinions out there! They don't really need light (being nocturnal) as long as there's ambient light in the room. They can get their D3 from powdered supplements. The UVB is OK as long as they're actually out of the hide when it's on. They do need the belly heat so...
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    Curious about my morphs.

    Yes, Julius could be called a super hypo. Hopefully the pet store can tell you about the lineage or at least put you in touch with the breeder to find out some details. Aliza
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    New Leo Owner!!!

    welcome. Cute gecko! It's hard to tell what substrate echo is on in the first pictures. Aliza
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    Hello there

    Welcome! Nice looking gecko. If it got brighter you must be doing the right thing. Aliza
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    Lethargic Leopard Gecko. Help Please

    Sorry you're having a hard time. The poop generally looks OK, though it may have some undigested feeder in it. Could you post a picture of the gecko? Aliza