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  • know any good places to buy geckos? cbreptile shipping is like 100$
    Mr. Leopard gecko
    Mr. Leopard gecko
    I bought my leopard gecko from a nearby pet store but it just matters what type of gecko you are getting.
    What kind of gecko are you looking for? We specialize in New Caledonian Geckos. We have some gorgeous geckos on our website. Come take a look, see if anything catches your eye and please feel free to message us with any inquiries! Hope to hear from you soon!
    Hi, I was wondering if you had anyone in Portland, Oregon area that you would recommend as a someone to reach out to regarding finding a new home for our crested gecko? We have had her for 8 years, and I feel like she could benefit from greater attention. I don't want her to go to any home -- it needs to be a permanent home with a dedicated reptile owner. Thanks, Terry
    Hey ac, I was wondering what would be an AFT-edible caterpillar. (Besides silkworms and hornworms) Also, it seems most caterpillars in my area are around 2 dollars each, are there any cheaper ones?
    Most AFT's won't eat worms at all. I have a few that have occasionally eaten super worms. The silkworms and hornworms are cheaper online but also tend to come in large numbers.
    I am new to the leopard gecko world just looking to get more knowledgeable on the species I do a lot of reading on them and what I can find on YouTube Somebody told me about gecko that way I could meet people that are really knowledgeable
    In all honesty, I would recommend checking out or because this forum isn't very active.
    Thank you for the help in my thread, "im getting sick of it" i think this will help me hatch out more eggs. Thanks again, cant wait to see the 6000.
    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that unfortunately I am moving out of the Boston area for a while. :( I hope to move back soon, though. - Cassandra
    Hi I sent you an email. Please check it! :)
    Mkay. Mine isn't going to be used in breeding unless its one of those 'tell entirely by seeing' thing,(and probably not even then) but it's nice to know what he is. I actually thought he was a wild type lol >.> Either way I love my gecko =D

    Thanks for answering ^_^
    Hey I was wondering what morph the gecko in your Avatar is, because it looks EXACTLY like mine. I have no clue what his parents are since he's a rescue.
    hey i was wondering how your leos were liking the magnaturals hideaway you said you got them, do the use them alot? i was thinking of getting one for my male leo

    Thank you very much for the helpful detailed response,. sorry I cant private message you , so I have to post here instead.

    I have actually already tried Predator Mite, I have used it on 2 seperate occasions with no luck.
    I wil try the Veg oil & q tip & see how it goes.

    I was advised by someone (& also read in a couple of articles) to soak in veg or Baby oil, as I had no veg oil at the time, I used Babyoil instead & ended up poisoning some of my beloved geckos, I was truely devestated. So I dont know why people say to use baby oil cos this is a huge no no! I dont know if that can somehow be highlighted in the article, so that no one else makes the same mistake following this advice.

    Once again I truly appreciate your help.
    I will let you know how I get on.

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