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    apparently i talk too much - it didn't let me post the end of my message so here it is lol :
    the curly tailed lizards appear to be a male/female pair and I bought them from X-treme exotics and am very pleased with them as well... I'll definately be going back to the next one... It just sucked though because I wanted to walk around and see everything 80 times and the boyfriend made me go home after about 50 lol
    lol my boyfriend has little influence over me, if I stay quiet enough about it and pretend to be going just to be checking out who's got what, I can generally sneak a few things in here and there... theres just no guarantees because if I can - I do normally like to avoid quarrel lol.

    I bought my gorgeous SHTCT male from Carolane from and couldn't be happier with him, hes a beautiful curious and very manipulable leo. I also bought a tangerine albino female to add to my breeding group and she wasn't expensive at all because she had a regrowth tail. I am also very pleased with her. I don't have the advantage of knowing the sellers by name yet :( so I'm not sure if I saw Tanya... I just went by what my judgement of healthy looking was and am pleased with what I got ... The pacman frog I think was my error which discourages me a bit - i doubt i'll get another pacman. :(
    Yeah we did end up going! It was awesome. I picked up a few nice leos and some curly tailed lizards as well as a pacman frog.. unfortunately the pacman frog didn't make it... :( Where are you situated again? I'll let you know about the roaches :)
    Definitely had a great time, especially meeting people from off the forums! It was really great talking to you!!!!! Hope you had a blast too!!
    I got her from scott coltharp, who lives about five minutes away from my house. I do not have the liberty to tell you how much I got her for, so if you contact him, don't tell him I told you who he is. :)
    Plus, it seems that they're just resellers for the same products reptile basics sells. They have the same pics and everything, just charge a few dollars more.
    Those are expensive. At $6 if I bought enough for all my tubs I'd have to spend over $800. I'm trying to see if I can get them made for about $3 cost to customers. Anything over $4 is ridiculous, IMO.
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