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    Free Leopard Geckos for Temp/Perm Home

    I have 5 geckos, (2 need to be pet only) geckos which I am no longer able to care for/have. I am moving from my parents home to an apartment for grad school and there is no exotic animals. I may be able to take them back home during May or later. With them would come their homes...
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    Little off topic

    Buy a repti-sun 10.0. Put it 6-8 inches away, and keep it on for about 12 hours a day.. I think that should be correct.
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    Good homes needed!!!

    Bump, bump. Make me an offer! :D
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    Good homes needed!!!

    These guys and girls aren't getting the attention they need. Will be going to the New York Reptile Expo on April 18th would be willing to bring them with me! Shipping is a flat rate of $50. I would be willing to travel to meet someone also. These are not updated pictures but they...
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    White Plains NY show 4/18 - geckos?

    Stay away from the AFT's there, I bought one last year, it definalty had to be wild caught, had worms and passed away. If your going to get an AFT get one from a breeder who exsculsively breeds geckos ie. Luxorious Leopards. It gets busy around 11, if you want the best pick you have to get...
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    TND Dragons would like to introduce Next years Breeders

    Oh my my my those are some lovely beardies you have there! :D
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    Rescued AFT

    Letting a cat get ahold of a gecko is not hard, btw they might not be "bad" people. My cat got a hold of my gecko who shimmied out through holes in the cage, I woke up to him hissing at my cat. Thank goodness I did.
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    The Truth In Euthanasia

    Yes it's extrememly unfair to the kids that they were lied to but then I hate these situations that vets are put into. Pets are disposable to many people. And I'm sure other people who work in the veterinary profession probably would agree with me. Euthanasia is the easy way out, out of money...
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    Need to find these guys a great home!!!

    Bump. All prices are best offer.
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    Need to find these guys a great home!!!

    Bump! Make me an offer please!
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    Need to find these guys a great home!!! Check em out. 20% off. They are from great breeders and would make someone really happy.
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    Collection Sale

    Hype Enigma het Bell Exscuse my hand Tremper hybino
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    Collection Sale

    Bump! Seriously guys make me any offer, we can definatly talk as long as they go to a good home, and I need them to go soon.
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    Collection Sale

    All prices, make me an offer! I really want everyone to go to a good home. Life has come along and I am being forced to sell my babies, they have been extremely well taken care of, and I hope they continue to be. I really hate to be doing this, these are my babies. Prices do not include...