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    This is my normal ball python Valentine. :main_thumbsup:
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    Hershal enjoying his favorite snack. By the time I had finally got the camera on the right setting and such he had already devoured most of it. :nice: Then he noticed this odd square item and came investigating. :D You've fed me. I want nothing more. LEAVE ME ALONE.
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    My girls

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    So, the skink ate a PBJ...

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    One of my ambanja panthers

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    My Blue Tongue Skinks

    Gorgeous. Blue tongue skinks have to be my favorite four legged animal.(:
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    Trying out my new flash...

    All gorgeous.
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    Can't choose

    Personally my vote would go to a blue tongue skink. Geckos are fine and all but I love my BTS, he's quiet something. <3 You can handle a BTS more than you could a gecko. Hershal (my BTS) loves being outside of his cage, roaming or under the blankets with me. They do tend to need more care than...
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    New Arrivals - Pink Tongue Skinks (pic heavy)

    Nice patterns! Are these guys as nice as a northern blue tongue skink?
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    Caption This

    *Stagers "I think I'v had one too many".
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    Pump lil dude =]

    : ( My bluey seems to love me..
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    Pump lil dude =]

    I swear, Hershal gets fatter every day! :D Hanging on the bed. I felt the need to be dumb. :) One of my other little dudes. Comments would be wonderful!
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    The Cricket Face..

    Man. I do love that face!
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    Good Morning, Starshines! *DUW*

    That's really neat! I'v always wanted a free roaming lizard.