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    KSB Love.

    Took some new photos of my KSB, Reeses today.
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    HSUS/PETA is behind all of the reptile ban legislation.

    haha I hate PETA and HSUS, such awful organizations.
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    Want to get over my fear!

    Honestly, if you looking at a snake to help you get over your fear I would look into Kenyan Sand Boas, they stay small and are very docile. Awesome snakes!
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    Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo - August 11

    I will be attending.
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    KSB Love.

    Okay, good to know. I am going to get a bit larger one and one that cannot or not as easily be knocked over.
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    KSB Love.

    Okay. I am using the shredded aspen and Reeses has a water dish, I need to get a larger one though. Do they soak themselves? She/he has eaten already. =) A f/t fuzzie. Vent photo. Feeding photos:
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    KSB Love.

    Okay, just weighed h/s and at around 1 year old Reeces is 153g and a foot and a half long.
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    KSB Love.

    Around 1 year are more photos:
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    KSB Love.

    Well, as some of you know I work inside a petsmart sometime at a satellite location for our shelter. I worked yesterday and was leaving today, when she told me I had to see some new Leos that they got in because she thought of me when she saw them, well I was talking to her and then mention that...
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    Skink ID-Please?

    He wouldn't let me get any pictures of the tail. xD Thanks! One more question. I keep reading different things about feeding. Some sources say only insects and other soures say to also feed fruits and veggies, your opinion?
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    Skink ID-Please?

    These are the best I could get.
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    Skink ID-Please?

    Hey, so I picked this guy up today and was wondering if anyone had a specific species for me? Thanks!
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    Show Off Your Cages

    Green Tree frog viv Part of Scully's tank Cresteds Leo tank on the right.
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    Losing a friend

    -hugs- I'm sorry.... "Do not cry for me, I have lived each day like it were my first, I never know that there will be a last, I have run and chased and laughed, I have smelled girl dog, horse poop and rotten meat, I have eaten bad fish and fresh elk , I have skied great peaks and listened to...
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    Our Greek

    So cute!