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    Where can I find gargoyle geckos online?

    I'm thinking about purchasing a gargoyle gecko once spring rolls around. I've searched it on google and haven't really found any sites currently selling and if I do, there is only one for sale. I'd like a store with a variety or at least a few to choose from. I've also looked around at all...
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    Naming help and a few questions!

    Neglect it? It's young and I just adopted it 4 days ago. Yes, cgd, I have a fresh new bag I purchased as well. The kritter keeper is a large one, plenty big for her size. I just bought a 40 gallon tank for my turtle so within a few days, the gecko will have a 10 gallon. Explain how I'm...
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    Who loves Black & White???

    Wow she's gorgeous. I'm really considering getting one of these. I only have one young crested but I've been admiring gargoyles for a bit. They're so interesting looking!
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    Naming help and a few questions!

    I just got this beauty a few days ago, she was a steal at $40, which included a kritter keeper and plenty of food for a few months. I'm thinking about naming her Sidney, Sid for short. That way, if she turns out to be a he, I won't have to rename. I'd really like other suggestions though...