Where can I find gargoyle geckos online?


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I'm thinking about purchasing a gargoyle gecko once spring rolls around.
I've searched it on google and haven't really found any sites currently selling and if I do, there is only one for sale.
I'd like a store with a variety or at least a few to choose from.
I've also looked around at all the reptile stores close-by and have had no luck.

What are the best sites to purchase one?


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www.lunargecko.net IMO has some of the nicest gargs around, as does www.chipkali.net they are two wonderful ladies (both named Sarah) I know well and would highly recommend to anyone. But www.pangeareptile.com has great gargs also, and Matt although mainly works with cresteds, he is still a fantastic person to work with. http://www.dragontownreptiles.com/is another good place, Mike is the owner of that and another great guy he has them all posted as sold but I am sure if you send him an email he probably has something he doesnt have listed as I know he had one posted on pangea this last week. The first three listed work with some relly nice higher end stuff, Matt works with a little of everything so if youre not looking to start out with a $200+ gecko, check his section out, and Mike often has geckos in the $100-$200 range also.

I would say go to Pangea's website and check the forums trade section, you will see them posted there, you can find gargs on fauna classified, and you can even find some posted in the trade here.
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