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    what to put into this terrarium

    You could get a bearded dragon, or potentially a uromastyx. If you decide to go with either of these, you're gonna want to add a level and things to climb for them to get to in order to maximize your use of all that vertical space. Both of these lizards would like the option to get closer to the...
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    Hi.. i need help...

    The original photos do not look as bad as the update. This baby needs a vet. Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
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    Hi.. i need help...

    Your baby looks very impacted, as in they ate something (like sand) that could not be digested and is stuck in their system. Another possibility is a really big parasite load. The baby needs a vet as soon as possible.
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    Juvenile Murphy's Patternless

    Very friendly Murphy's Patternless We have lovingly named Marble. Makes a great pet and is a good healthy eater. We live in Northern CT He would be priced at 40$ without shipping.
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    Female Bell Albino

    I'm looking for a female with the bell albino gene. Looking for either a snow bell, radar, or a normal het bell. pm me if you have one.
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    My New Leopard Gecko Website

    Just starting out the business side of breeding. geckorealm
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    Female Bell Albino Wanted

    I will also consider a female that is het for bell albino.
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    | FOR SALE | Juvenile Murphy's Patternless and Juvenile Hypo tangerine.

    I live In Enfield Connecticut, pick ups only. Please pm me if interested and I will send pictures and more information.
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    Female Bell Albino Wanted

    Looking for a female Bell. I live in the Northeast U.S.A. Please P.m. me if you have one available and we can discuss prices and shipping.
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    Bio-Active worth it?

    Well my dragons would definitely try to eat anything that even vaguely resembles a plant. I had to cut off the plastic leaves from a hide because they were trying to eat it. I know my dragons would eat all the plants, so it wouldn't work for me. But dragons are all pretty different, so you...
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    First infertile clutch

    Ah, well Rusty was bought as a juvenile from a pet store 3 and a half years ago and had never bred in her life, as well as the eggs just looked bad and quite a few were shaped oddly. They were definitely infertiles. Still an interesting experience, and I'll be keeping track of her for next time...
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    Superiority complex in the leopard gecko community

    Recently my attention has been drawn to snippy replies on posts made by first time owners or first time breeders. The responses I've seen both here and on geckos unlimited are shockingly condescending and discouraging to people who have a simple question. First time breeders such as myself...
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    First infertile clutch

    Well I had shown a flashlight on them first, because she has a female tank mate, and I was thinking that maybe there was some weird mix up at first, but the eggs were yellow and hollow looking instead of the good pink and veiny. That's really crazy though, she'd never bred before and you got...
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    First infertile clutch

    One week ago Rusty laid her first clutch of infertiles. I had no idea that my girl Rusty was gravid as her appetite was consistant and so was her weight, so I didn't know to provide a lay box. Luckily she laid anyway and i came home to the surprise of my life. 25 unfertilized eggs and a very...