Superiority complex in the leopard gecko community


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Recently my attention has been drawn to snippy replies on posts made by first time owners or first time breeders.
The responses I've seen both here and on geckos unlimited are shockingly condescending and discouraging to people who have a simple question.

First time breeders such as myself should not have a simple question, do something slightly wrong that did not endanger the geckos in any way, and be snapped at and told that we should not even try, or that we don't deserve to own geckos.

I thought the purpose of community forums such as this was to help people and encourage them to fix mistakes and help them do things the right way, not to be superior. You were a beginner once too.

If someone is doing something disastrously wrong (hatchlings on sand, heat lamp, lack of hide, etc.)
Insulting them is going to make them stubborn and angry.

People who are ignorant and didn't take the time to research before getting their gecko are typically not malicious and will want to do the right thing for their pet if you inform them of the dangers their pet is in and what they need to be healthy.

Don't encourage wrong things, don't make it seem like it's okay. Tell them that getting pets or breeding without research first is not good for any animal or hobbiest in this hobby. Tell them why the things they are doing are bad and how they can fix it for the good of their gecko. Play nice.

Just don't be a butt to people who simply want to learn and take care of their geckos?

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It is unfortunate and deserves to be pointed out. People are people and have a wide range of social skills which sometimes leads to less than stellar posts. People can also be oversensitive to criticism. It's good to be reminded periodically that we should be kind to each other.


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