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    Pet Only SF Bay Area, Female Enigma Albino, unknown albino. $65

    I have a albino girl who has been my pet for about 5 years and I need to rehome her before a move. I would rather just take her somewhere if there is someone in the Bay Area, CA that would like to take her. She doesn't have a lot of effect from her Enigma gene. She eats just fine, walks...
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    General Feeding Checkup, still hungry?

    So, I got a new ball and today was the first time I fed it. Since the store I went too only had frozen and the previous owner said he fed it both I went ahead and got a small frozen rat. I thawed/warmed and just dropped it in. He took it no hesitation (I skipped a feeding since I got him 2...
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    My new beardie Draven

    Very cute! Sent from my DROID Pro using Tapatalk
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    Lost snake

    That really sucks! I hope that you find your snake before your mom, evil cat, etc. Maybe she went after your stepdad to inact some revenge for your mom.
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    My new little buddy!

    yea... cutting their wiskers could harm the cat since that is how they tell rather or not they can fit in and out of an object. My ex had a very shy cat, an adoptee, I also suspected she was abused. Shy towards humans though the dominate one out of the two cats (adopted together). She did...
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    Girlfriend just doesn't understand

    I've decided no more serious relationships without someone who at least has a passing interest in proper animal husbandry! I was on a dwarf hamster kick (Russian variety) with my first and he literally did get jealous of them. He said I spent more time with them than I did with him. Which of...
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    From Pro Geckos to Professional Reptiles!

    Nice looking site too.... if you don't mind me asking, did you make it and if so did you use Adobe's suite? I signed up for a web class thinking it would be generic "this is what you need in a webpage/HTML" bit but it turns out its all about using Adobe's stuff to make websites. Some of your...
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    Bearded Dragon Behavior

    So, I've had my dragon for almost a year now and I've always wondered how "normal," she was or was not. After reading a thread on how high temps in the incubator can cause brain damage I'm wondering if the same happens to Dragon's and if she was a victim. She does have a tail kink, which was a...
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    Two additions

    Those are pretty nice photos for "fast" pictures! If you don't mind sharing some "secrets," do you photo them on white or do you edit the pictures? I am with the rest, that black snake is awesome.
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    Crocodile Skink Babies

    Very cool, I love skinks..these guys would be tempting since they don't need tons of space. To many neat reptiles out there *sigh*
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    Advice with new baby dragon

    Another idea.. won't work with crickets though. I give mine roaches, hornworms (occasionally), some recently shed supers (those I usually give right to her though), silk worms, butterworms, and reptiworms. Since none of those hop I bought a large low sided plastic container, something you'd...
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    Advice with new baby dragon

    Mealworms can cause impaction, small superworms are not as bad but depending on your dragon size could also cause impaction. So, I would switch to the smallest supers you could find if you want worms or not use either. My dragon's poop is also easier to clean if I don't give her supers because...
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    Irresponsible Pet Owners!!

    That is horrible! They need to be tougher on people who have dangerous animals and don't keep good control on them. They should take all of their dogs away and give them a period of X number of years where they can not legally own a dog, maybe require some training in proper care as well...
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    hehe, Halloween geek? You'd love it where I live... there are mulitple neighborhoods that go all out and turn their whole blocks into haunted "houses," with some pretty elaborate setups. I am going to one today with my son :) He is only 3 so we are going to the early in the night non-scary...
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    Gecko Time article: Care and Feeding of Gecko Hatchlings

    That is a great intro! I am still trying to decide if I want to try a single clutch or not. Time is my major factor right now. Since I have days where I am gone from 6 Am till 11:30 PM due to work... the breeding thing may not work out that well. I'd have to get automatic misters or...