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    Invading ants...

    To get rid of any ants mix powdered bleach and sugar (preferably powdered sugar but any sugar will work) the bleach sticks to the sugar and when they take it back to the nest to eat it they ingest the powdered bleach and it killls them. Done it and it works great!
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    Fear Factor...

    The snakes were most likely chilled to make them a little more passive imo. I certainly wouldn't put it past them. Idiots. I thought that huge body length snake was a reticulated python... Anyone?
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    Knee surgery

    Glad the surgery went well... sending good vibes your way and try not to be too hard on your tgiving staff you're "supervising" ;)
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    Top Hat Geckos on Facebook

    Congrats Laney for taking the facebook plunge... ya'll are gonna compell me to open a Facebook page just so I can follow all the great stuff yas do.
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    Irresponsible Pet Owners!!

    I'm sorry for what you went hru with your neice but the cops are idots. You need to contact your local animal enforcement offcer and start a "dangerous dog" proceeding against them. The will HAVE TO build escape proof runs with concrete floors, solid roof, and buried cain link. 2 feet below...
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    Show Off Your Cages

    I like your background Zet... :main_thumbsup: George what are those balls you're using for substrait on your particle side?
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    what gecko/lizard is right for me?

    A nice lizard that I can think of that is easily managed but requires at least a 40 gallon breeder tank unfortunately... uromastix for one or blue tongued skink. There aren't really a lot of lizards that can comfortably fit a 20 gallon long with out feeling cramped. Maybe a nice fat tail or...
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    O another sad day

    Awww... so sorry for your loss... she looked like quite a character...
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    A New Adventure

    Hahaha lizard love that is too sweet...maybe she's just thankful he's well enough to the man of the viv again so she doesn't have to :) sounds like you've inherited a pair of dragons ;)
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    A New Adventure

    Sounds to me Laney that someone's grown into his big boy pants ;) eros has those popeye limbs too. He comes out every night when we feed the dogs, goes to the highest perch in his viv, gets on his tip toes and high up on those popeye legs... just surveys HIS territory, king of the dog room :)
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    A New Adventure

    They're looking WONDERFUL Laney... Keep up the good work :D
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    where can i find grande terre's?

    Very nice pix tokaykeeper... it's nice to see that even with geckos there are always exceptions to the rule. Thanks for that info.
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    In love

    Be prepared that no matter what age ball yuo get you're likely to sooner or later run into a difficult eating issue. Ours goes off food every october, november until about the end of may beginning of june. Balls can be notoriously picky eaters... we got ours at a nice reptile shop as a juvie...
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    where can i find grande terre's?

    Never heard of a "nice tokay" :D and remember you get what you pay for so I would raise your budget or lower your expectations (which could still end up costing you in vet bills if you get a poorly bred sickly animal). Leachies are HUGE aren't they... I'd love to own one sometime in my life bt...
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    RIP Freya

    Awww so sorry to hear... so sad.... sending good vibes your way.