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  • Hmm... Still can't post. I will just start a new account if we can't get this one to work.

    I am very interested in your racks. I want one of the 28 qt racks, and maybe one of the 15 qt racks also also. Could I pay for them and pick them up next time I make a trip down to the valley? I am from the mountains up Hwy 70 (Greenville) and I only go down there once a month or so...
    Hi. I saw your ad for the racks. I am interested if they are still available. Could I get the outside dimensions of the racks?

    ...also since you are a moderator, I can't post is forums or classifieds any more and I'm not sure why.

    hello i was interested in the racks you have posted and seen pick up only i am located in Northeren california are they still available and if so where in CA are you located?
    Merry Belated Christmas to you and your Family, and Kismit. Hope it was a great one, Debbie!

    Hey Debbie,
    Just wanted to say thanks for editing out the content on that post :)
    Thanks again,
    Hello Mrs. Prince,

    I began a new group today for Enigma Ethusiasts. You have quite a bit of experience with Enigmas, will you join? Your input would be greatly appreciated.
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