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    Dragoon Gecko's new website :)!!!

    After a long period of planning, wishing, and lack of time (we had our last great design update in 2010), I'm really happy to announce that Dragoon Gecko finally got a new face :)!! - Dragoon Gecko - offizielle Website Check out our brandnew and improoved homepage (now also finally available...
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    HQ Leopardgecko stuff for sale!!

    Due to space problems I decide to let some of our holdbacks /future breeders go- all of them are high quality, rich in colour & contrast :-). Please check out our FB sale page for more informations: - Facebook (you can pm me here or on FB) /Rebecca
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    Dragoon Gecko sale..

    bump. Will also consider a trade against a W&Y Tremper Jungle female:). /Rebecca
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    Dragoon Gecko sale..

    We currently have some promissing Electric variations and crosses for sale. All of them alround 10 - 14 grams only and already starting to colour up! All Electric Parents are directly from Kelly, so these guys will get COLOUR ;-).. Electric cross Nr.1female Electric cross Nr.2 female...
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    HQ Jungles !!!

    Looking for High Quality Tremper Jungles or Jungles. Must have strong jungle pattern & good contrasts. Sex or age doen't matter. PM me if you have something fitting for me :).
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    Hamm Sale from Dragoon Gecko!!

    Hi together! We currently have some nice geckos & interesting genetic stuff for sale: - pure Electrics (males and females) - Montanus het. Tremper => perfect for outcrossing and improoving your tremper-lines!! - low priced Tangerines from our High End Tang line that will give you...
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    Looking for...

    - Male Redstripe (High Quality animals only please) - Lavender Eclipse, both sexes (please don't offer animals with just a few minor spots) - High Quality Tremper Albino Jungles with tons of carrothead, carrottail AND nice jungle pattern (both sexes). I'm willing to buy or trade against...
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    available for Hamm: Ghost Raptor & more..

    The following geckos are available for the coming Hamm show in March: - pure Ghost Raptor female Very nice light and clear pastel colours & Banded pattern. Love the pattern on her head :-). Rare genetics, as very few people do work with ghosts right now.. Imagine how they could look by...
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    Pacman Frog colour morphs

    any website that gives an overview on the different morphs?
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    Pacman Frog colour morphs

    Hi together! I would love to get an overview on the current different colour morphs on pacman frogs in general (also hybrids). Can someone please help me out with pics? And anyone knows the breeder of these: - Your help is greatly appreciated...
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    A little disappointed...

    Excellent post Marcia:main_yes:!! /Rebecca
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    In such cases of obvious animal abusement, it would be really best to bring a charge against this person- or their parents if it is a kid. I'm not familiar with US law, but in europe animal abuse can get quite expensive (up to $10.000 if I remember right) and can in the end lead to a legal...
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    Wanted!!! Line Bred Snow!!

    Looking for one or more Line bred Snows (Males or Females, preferably adults). High Quality animals only!! Can buy or trade against other High-End Morphs- please inquire what you are looking for and I'll check my stock for you ;). Thanks, Rebecca
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    Electric Hotgecko

    Electric Hotgecko (inc. female) for sale. She's the sibling of the Electric Hotgecko I posted here in GF: comparison shots with 2 of her siblings (also for sale- pm me if anybody is interested..): shipping to US is possible, and also reasonable priced. Please pm me for all details /Rebecca
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    Stripes, Giants, Hyglos & more..

    We have just updated our homepage with several new geckos for sale: - We offer free delivery to the coming Hamm show, and fair shipping conditions to the US. Lavender Stripe- Trio Montanus Eclipse poss. Giant /Rebecca